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Bitacle has born for be a new service for the blogosphere. Between his multiple characteristics it allows you to: Syndicate and read blogs or any RSS/XML source Other blog aggregator but thanks to the AJAX technology more easy to use. Allows you to add a blog or any RSS/XML source and categorize it fast and easily. Consult the historical archive file of a blog Bitacle not only syndicate: also files and store all the posts of every blog. For it, the users who add a blog to the reader will have always a copy of every entry, being able to consult in any moment any entry. In addition, this way author of the blog wont see increased his bandwidth. Articles always will remain in the Bitacle file which will store all the content of all blogs of the world. Do a specific search in a blog or a channel Bitacle, thanks to his technology, it allows to make a search in blog or a group of them previously user defined. For example, if you have 7 different sources within the folder gadgets will be able to look for the word Nokia in all of them simultaneously. Personalize the design and the contents of your homepage You can change the design and the organization of the contents without the necessity to know programming: only with your mouse you will be able to change the place, the colour, the font sources and the disposition of the contents by a very easy and intuitive way. Search for text, images, audio and video Bitacle not only is able to locate text, also it can find audio through RSS (podcasting), images and syndicated videos that allow the user to locate multimedia content of diverse sources. Bitacle: Blog Search Archive

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・ Bitacle: Blog Search Archive

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