Candles Can Add Warmth to Every Room in Your Home

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With the hectic pace of our often overscheduled lives, it’s easy to begin thinking of home as simply a place to sleep and do laundry instead of a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle. Indeed, the current trend is to “take back” our homes, and to enjoy the oasis they can provide. To this end, people are increasingly looking for ways to add warmth and coziness to their home decor without breaking the bank. There are any number of ways to transform your home into a place of peaceful relaxation, but one of the most effective and inexpensive is to incorporate candles into various rooms throughout your house. Here are some ideas to get you started. In the Bedroom Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Whether you are setting the stage for a romantic evening or simply curling up with a good book, candles can create the mood you seek. Tealight candles floating in a bowl or tin candles adorning your dresser will add light and warmth to this most important room. In the Bathroom When was the last time you allowed yourself the luxury of a good, long soak in a bubble bath? You deserve to take twenty or thirty minutes a few times a week to let the tension and stress wash away. Set the stage for relaxation by surrounding your bathtub with candles. For the most powerful effect, use a combination of pillar candles, votive candles, and tealight candles. In the Kitchen For many families, the kitchen is heart of the home. It’s the place where kids do homework, where family members leave notes for one another, and where – time permitting – families eat meals together. Jar candles can infuse the kitchen with wonderful fragrances – even when there isn’t a pot or pan in sight. Cinnamon, cherry, citrus, and other wonderful scents can imbue the kitchen with that extra feeling of warmth and love. In the Living Room The designs of many candles lend themselves to home decor, and can add an accessorizing touch even when they aren’t lighted. Globe candles come in a variety of sizes and colors that can complement virtually any home’s decor. The unique shapes and textures of some ball candles produce a beautiful glow when burning. Made of the translucent wax, these candles are stunning any time of the year. In addition, vase candles are increasingly popular, particularly in the winter months when fresh flowers might not be readily available. The vases are gorgeous, while the candles give the room an inviting ambiance. In the Dining Room Whether you’re entertaining a group of friends or setting the table for a romantic dinner for two, classic taper candles are the perfect accompaniment for dinner. Make sure to choose unscented taper candles, since you don’t want them to interfere with the scents and flavors imparted by the food you’re serving. And don’t forget to select dripless candles, so that your table linens will stay free of wax. On the Road Make your hotel room or recreational vehicle your home away from home by using travel candles. Travel candles most often come in small tins and are usually scented. Soy candles are popular travel candles, as are those that incorporate essential oils to soothe you when you’re on the road. Candles Can Add Warmth to Every Room in Your Home

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・ Candles Can Add Warmth to Every Room in Your Home

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