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Many people are having great success working from the comfort of their home while others fail miserably. Why is that? I am going to make an attempt to help everyone understand the reason for this. It has a lot to do with individuals, ego, patience, objectives and due diligence. What I have seen that appears to be common in the people that are successful is that they do their research, ensure that they get into a work at home program that meets their goals, skills sets and comfort level. They also seem to set their ego aside and utilize the step-by-step guidance while exercising patience. They realize that they will more than likely make dollars before they make hundreds of dollars and are willing to put in the effort required to reach their goal. Many times they will join 2 – 3 programs, but when they reach their goal they may be down to 1 program. They do not let a program failure or anything stop them from succeeding. Now lets look at what I have noticed in the people that fail to make any money working from home. I will attempt to identify some of the common failures that cause this to occur and they are as follows: 1. They will often times join the first program that offers them the most money for the least effort. If it seems to good to be true than it probably is. These folks often times ending up quitting immediately saying they were scammed when they are at least partially at fault. 2. Joining programs that do not match their skill sets, time constraints or comfort levels. It does no good to join a program that you do not have the skills sets to accomplish the work required. Some will join a program, but are then not comfortable doing what is required to make money. This is our fault when this happens. 3. Some will join bad programs with the best of intentions and indeed get scammed. 4. Many will not do the necessary research to narrow down the choices so they have the best chance for success. It takes a lot of time, but it must be done unless you use a website that has done it for you. 5. A few will do their research, join 2 – 3 programs, but when they do not make any money immediately, quit feeling scammed, discouraged and more than likely not try again. 6. Many times folks will join a Home Based Business instead of a work at home program becoming very frustrated at the work involved and time required to make any money. A Home Based Business will make much more money in the end, but it will take more time to get it up, running full speed and profitable. It requires more of an investment of both time and money. 7. Many are unwilling to join paid programs or invest in themselves feeling they should not have to do so. They often believe they should not have to pay to work for someone. They are entitled to their opinion and I respect it. I believe some of the paid companies offer a service whereby it helps you go up the learning curve much faster, avoid common mistakes along the way and make money faster than you would if you chose not to use them. For me time is money. Maybe it’s just me, but when I do even a simple project around the house I often times will buy a book or tape telling me how to do it. This is how I see the programs. They streamline the process and I have used many of them myself. Just my opinion. I have mentioned a few of the major ones above, but there are others. How can we avoid them? The first thing is to understand your work at home profile as I call it. That is your current skill sets, comfort levels, income goals and time constraints. The next thing is to do your research. It must be done. I recommend either using a website like mine, but not necessarily mine, that has done some level of research for you or be prepared to spend the time doing it your self. Realize you will have to do some work whether it’s from home or somewhere else to get paid. If you are looking for extra cash then a Work At Home opportunity is probably right for you. If you want to create a Home Based Business then realize up front it will take more time and money. Neither one of these should be very costly. You can typically get started into 2 – 3 programs for less than it cost for a family to go out to dinner at a nice restaurant and a movie. No matter which path you take read the step-by-step guidance, start working from home utilizing any spare time you may have and exercise patience. The harder you work the faster it will pay off when you avoid the common mistakes. So what should you do next? Research the web looking for programs that match your work at home profile, join 2 – 3 programs, train and start working. Give yourself a chance at success. Please feel free to read both this article or one of my many others by visiting my link in the resource box below. I always enjoy getting emails pertaining to my articles or my site. Your feedback is important to me. I wish you the very best. Work at Home Common Mistakes

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・ Work at Home Common Mistakes

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