So am I an expert now? Have I turned into a ‘Guru’?

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I have now been marketing online for around 7 years, I have tried every money making scheme going….gifting and pyramid schemes in my youth before I learned they were illegal, investment programs (lost a lot of money), get paid to read programs (a lot of work for a few lousy dollars), multi-level marketing programs, affiliate programs, you name it, I’ve tried it! And along the way I’ve learnt a thing or two about marketing, recruiting, building downlines, making money online and most certainly losing money online…but does that make me a Guru? Am I now an expert in online marketing and homebased business? Well I certainly don’t consider myself an expert or any such Guru – whatever that means. But I have my own websites, I am part of a successful team in a fantastic MLM company, I work a couple of affiliate programs, I run a few blogs, I know a thing or two about marketing both on and offline, I write articles on the subject of internet marketing and homebased business and so on… I read about many so called experts with 4, 5 or 6 years experience of internet marketing…they have written ebooks and courses about the subject, some even hold conferences and training calls about it but are they really experts? I have read many ebooks written by these experts and more often or not they teach me nothing knew. I do not consider myself an expert or an internet marketing Guru. I do have plenty of experience and am more than willing to pass on what I have learnt over the years. But I am still learning…I still search out good ebooks to read, search out new marketing techniques to master and so on…we should all be learning all the time. We should never sit back and think we are now an expert on something. Pass on your knowledge to others but keep learning…. Only the other day I spoke to someone I have known online on and off for years. I was suprised to hear he thought I was some ‘heavy hitter’, some internet marketing guru. When I explained I was just someone working hard to earn a living online like he was and certainly was no expert, he was amazed and it immediately gave him a boost to build his own business. He had thought he could not really succeed, that he did not have the skills need etc. Then he finds out I am just plugging away as he is and all of a sudden he thinks he can achieve success also…and he will. Tread carefully when you are next offered a report by a ‘guru’. Do they really know more than you do? So am I an expert now? Have I turned into a ‘Guru’?

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・ So am I an expert now? Have I turned into a ‘Guru’?

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