Forewarned is Forearmed

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What are we doing on the Web? Why are we here? I think in it’s simplest form we are looking for information; after all the Internet is often known as the information highway. The next question is what sort of information are we after? I have just build a garden bench from plans I came across whilst browsing, and yes, they were free. It’s amazing how much useful and rewarding information can be found for free. What happens though when you cannot find what you want for free? Problem time. We now have information overload and find ourselves bombarded on all sides with buy this, this is the one, best ever. It’s bad enough when you want to buy a physical product but it it is information you want, you are in trouble. How do you tell if a product is any good? Testimonials…Right…Wrong! I don’t know about you but when I see a long list of testimonials I tend to skip over them. Think about it! If I am trying to sell you a product I am not going to fill my sales page with negative testimonials. Have you also noticed that “Band of Brothers” who praise each other up. Wow says “A” that book by “B” is the best I have ever read. That product by “C” is a must have says “B”. How did we ever survive says “C”, before this wonderful course by “A. And guess what! They all promote each others products. Cosy eh! What we need is a way of filtering these offerings so that we end up buying something of value. OK. how do we do this? Simple, read the opinions of real people who have purchased these products. Great, we need a place where customers can have their say. If you love a product you can say so. If you hate a product you can say so. Well, we can do that now thanks to the introduction of a Free website dedicated to reviews by real people like us. Forewarned is Forearmed

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・ Forewarned is Forearmed

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