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GOING ONLY FOR BRANDING Do you stick only to the top name job boards or portals? यदि हाँ, तो, आप विशेष स्थिति में होने की संभावना से इनकार कर रहे हैं. विशेष समूहों या गैर-एंटरप्राइज़ कंपनियों अक्सर के स्पष्ट चलाने सबसे ऊपर नाम. एक दिए गए नौकरी बोर्डों पर जाएँ नियोक्ताओं के प्रकार पर आधारित अपने फिर से शुरू पोस्ट का चयन करें. OUTSOURCING YOUR JOB HUNT If you are getting a peer or a consultant to do your job hunt to the level of making contact with a prospective employerstop doing this now. You can get help to the level of someone gathering job order description or information for you. You make connectuse the opportunity to create an impression. RESUME BLASTING Do you treat your resume like a promotional mailer? Distribute it all over the place or get a group email ID and broadcast? इसका मतलब यह है (1) Your cover letter or your resume is not customized for the job order in handResume customization in lieu of arranging the skill sets for the given job order. (2) You do not follow up; there are employers who seek to measure your interest with the follow up method that you adopt. Plus your prospective employer or their job consultant knows that you are hunting around, which will reduce your market value. Another aspect of mindless blasting is clicking the APPLY FOR THIS JOB button wherever you see it. When you submit your resume to a job where you do not have minimum qualificationsand you have a reason to doing somake an offline connect. 75% of email traffic received by a generic ID such is junk. If you rely only on email to get your next jobforget it. Your resume is probably in the junk folder. PRIVACY Do not write a tell tale resume with private information. We’ve heard enough and more about misuse of private information. Another aspect of privacyusing Internet at work to coordinate your job hunt. Wake upEven a mom & pop street corner store can afford a network and a firewall in it. INTERNET JOB HUNT BALANCE You do not want to rely entirely on the internet for your job search. You do not want to deny the abundance of information that is available on the internet either. Depending on your skills and where you want to be working next, see if your target employers and their head hunters are hanging out in Print Classifieds or Job boards. BEING COOL Email is new ageit has been for over 15 अब साल के :), but an email ID such is not a great identification. Also see what your social networking page is saying about youfrom the eyes of a headhunter, hiring manager or recruiter. Please blogpost here about ‘Big Brother is watching’. Also your resume or your job hunt webpage is a business document; it is not your platform to express political views. Balance 994 things you do not want in your job hunt come under ‘common sense application’. We do not want to question your CSA quotient by putting down all of those 994. (असल में, 6 things as a title did not sound grandiose enough to attract your attention) 1000 बातें आप डॉन ’ t चाहते हैं अपनी नौकरी की तलाश में

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