Use Your Ebay Store To Double Your Sales

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If you don’t have an eBay store you could be losing money big time. Yog vim li cas? When eBay stores first came out they were a flop. They actually wanted you to pay big time listing fees to put items in your store for up to 30 days but store items don’t appear in the regular eBay searches. Because eBay stores were not doing that well eBay addedGood Till Canceled” faib. The listing fees are only 5 cents every 30 days which is a total bargain. But the big problem again is eBay store items don’t appear in regular searches. So how can you still make money? Tej yam yooj yim, list aGood Till Canceleditem and then PROMOTE it using you regular eBay auctions. Put a section at the bottom of your auctions withmini adsdirectly linked to your eBay store items. You are not breaking any rules because you are linking to your own eBay auction which is allowed. Because eBay stores items are so much cheaper to list, it’s an excellent way generate higher profits. There are three different store subscriptions for an eBay store; eBay Basic, Featured, and Anchor, in order of price. ntawm cov hoob kawm, you would want to start out with the Basic Store ($15.95 p/month) rather than Anchor ($499.95 p/month), but you might want to upgrade to the Featured option ($49.95 p/month). With a featured store, you get $30 of free eBay keywords every month, meaning that you can place your listing at the top of the page for the keywords you choose. This means, more exposure, and can also significantly increase your store sales. Owning an eBay store will not only bring you more sales, but itll cost you less by using it in the long run. These are just some of the many advantages of owning an eBay store. Once you own one, youll wonder why you didnt go for it sooner. Try this method out. It could make you a lot of money. Use Your Ebay Store To Double Your Sales

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・ Use Your Ebay Store To Double Your Sales

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