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If you’re looking for a flexible or part-time job, or perhaps one that you can grow into a full-time business over several years, then you should consider the vending industry. We tend to take vending machines for granted, although we use them all the time. Whether we’re at work, at the gym, in a shopping mall or in a bar, vending machines have become an integral part of retail life. Why is vending a good sector to be involved with? With the proper approach, the right sites and great customer service, vending can be a lucrative business. The benefits of working in vending include: ‘ Flexible hoursyou can choose when to service and re-fill your site machineSite choicesyou get help to choose profitable sitesGrow at your own speedadd to the number of sites in your own time, expanding as you want toLocal areause sites in your local area to keep your business close to homeIncome controlearn as much or as little as you choose As office parks and out-of-town shopping centres increase and site owners try to keep costs down, the vending sector is ideally placed to take advantage of the demand for quick-access food and other products. As a vending operative, your only responsibility is to ensure that the machines are properly sited, serviced and filled, and the money collected. Once the site owner has received their commission, you divide the remainder in accordance with your agreement with the vending company. By identifying and securing the right sites and providing an excellent service to the site owner, you could find yourself reaping the rewards of the growth in the vending market almost immediately. In the long term, it pays to consider this sector when you’re thinking of starting a fledgling local business. Lauj xibnas no Great ua lag ua luam Opportunity

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