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Yog hais tias koj tab tom nrhiav mus pib ib lub lag luam me me ntawm koj tus kheej, muaj yog ib tug pov thawj txheej txheem uas yog tsim nyog los pib nrog. Muaj ntau tswv yim neeg muaj zoo ua lag ua luam tswv yim, tab sis lawv mus kom ze rau kev npaj yog ices thiab nws thiaj li flops. Thawj thiab foremost, koj yuav tsum nrhiav ib lub lag luam uas yog ib tug zoo me me. Tam sim no qhov no txhais raws nraim? Finding a niche market that is a reasonable size entails pinpointing one that is big enough to make a profit but small enough for the resources of a small business and one that does not compete with large corporations. Two main mistakes that entrepreneurs make in finding small markets are targeting a market that is too broad and targeting a niche that is already heavily exploited. What you decide to sell must connect product to target audience or you will not be successful. To start off with, choose your own unique area of expertise. What are you good at? What do you have experience in? Use your education, your skills and the people you know who could help you transform your idea into reality. If you have many areas of interest and are not sure which one would be the most profitable, a little more research will be needed. Consider how it will be possible to convert your education and skills into money-making opportunities. Research your surrounding marketplace to see what is needed in your area. Now if you are trying to find small markets online, be forewarned that this can be tedious and time-consuming. You will first have to think of a list of possible target audiences, then take your first idea and research an exhaustive list of keywords and keyword phrases that people in that target audience are using for information on their desired product. Tom ntej no, one must research all keywords and phrases for relevancy and then study which keywords on your list might lead to other niches that will need future researching. ces, you need to compare all your keywords to web pages to evaluate the present competition. You will use all your information to narrow down your list to keywords and phrases that have the most online traffic and those that are the least exploited. If your small market does not appear to be profitable, you must start the entire research process over. If you do find one that seems to be a money maker, you then must focus on finding ideas to profit from. Muab Koj Txawj nrog lag luam me me Xav Tau

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