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Our Kids Publications LTD. is your ultimate clearinghouse for all of the information you need as a [parent to provide the very best educational and enrichment opportunities for your child. As problems with violence, drugs, gang activity and the lack of funding for quality programs of learning continues to plague many public school districts: more and more parents are searching for schools that are safer, well-funded, and have enhanced educational curriculums for their children. Here at: Our Kids Publications LTD: we provide you with a directory of over 200 schools to aid you in your search for the ‘right’ school for your child. You will find listings for a wide-variety of schools, each offering different educational opportunities from which to choose from for educating your child. You will find private, independent, religious, boarding, day, special needs and alternative schooling options in this user-friendly directory. Learning and the opportunity to enhance skills already learned, should never take a holiday. When the schools dismiss the children for ‘summer break,’ consider allowing your children to attend an educational summer camp. By attending such camps, your child can continue using and improving upon the skills they learned this past school year, while learning some new skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere. When the new school year rolls around your child will have an advantage over those children who took a ‘holiday’ from learning and whose skills have become ‘rusty’ from not using them. We have a directory of educational and enrichment summer camp opportunities for you to consider for your child. Perhaps your child has a ‘special’ talent such as art, drama, or music, or for academics such as math, and science. Use our directory to find a summer camp that will provide opportunities for your child to explore and enhance these talents or interests. The Our Kids Publications LTD Summer Camp Directory lists camps in alphabetical order, with descriptions of what each camp offers so that selecting the summer camp that best ‘fits’ your child needs is made easier. We also make available for purchase, 2 very useful publications for parents. ‘Our Kids Go to School,’ and ‘Our Kids Go to Camp.’ Both magazines are chock full of information that any parent looking for the best educational and enrichment opportunities for their children will find worth reading. The educating of our children is one of the most important and loving things we do for our children. The opportunities we provide for them now will affect how successful, fulfilled, and productive they will become as adults. Give your child as many educational tools as possible and give them the ‘edge’ that will help them to achieve their goals in life. Maybe you have already educated your children, they now have careers and children of their own, and now it’s time to concentrate on you and your spouse. Our Kids Publications LTD provides lots of useful information on getting the most out of retirement living. Our magazine: ‘Comfort Life’ is cover to cover jam-packed with the information, tips, and topics of interest for the finest in senior living. You devoted your lives to the ‘kids’ now its time to truly enjoy the ‘golden’ years of your life that you so richly deserve. Our Kids Publications LTD is dedicated to keeping you ‘connected’ to the current trends in educational, enrichment opportunities and retirement living. Via our ‘Email Club’ we provide our members with the latest changes and trends that affect their lives so that they are always up-to-date, and have the information they need to make the choices that are right for them and their lives. Our Kids Publications LTD

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