Custom Air Force Ones

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The Custom Air Force Ones from the very day they were launched in the market, met with great acceptance of the crowd because they were fantastically designed and they were incredibly comfortable. The ‘air technologyis nothing but highly pressurized air trapped under the sole of the shoe to give the foot perfect buoyancy and never-before-felt comfort. The Custom Air Force Ones were received so well by the public that in 1986 Nike based on the tremendous boost in its sales, crossed for the first time a turnover of $1 milyar. From then on everything is history. Nike has since brought out many models based on the air cushion and with it grew into a larger than life company. Between 1990 û 2000, in the short span of ten years, Nike opens more than 14 Niketown stores which actually further establish its name on the global market. But let us come back to our Custom Air Force Onesthe shoes that revolutionized forever the idea of a sports shoe in people’s mind. The sneaker can be classy looking as well as comfortablethe idea and the feasibility of the adjectives came to the forefront only with the Air Jordans. Among all the Air One sneakers, reports show that the Nike Air Jordan I has today the highest number of replicas in the market. And if we believe that copying is the best form of flatterythen these sneakers by any standards are Number 1. Another pair of Custom Air Force Ones that swept the market off its feet is the Air Jordan III, which as a marked difference showed a visible air sole as its main attraction. This sneaker model was designed by Tinker Hatfield who designed the Air Jordan IV, V and VI also and which creating great waves in the sneakers’ bazar. Custom Air Force Ones

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・ Custom Air Force Ones

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