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Di înternetê de îro tê bi sozên dewlemendî û fame. Ev dihêle ku gelek ji xeyala dewlemendiyê û notoriety. The opportunity is out there but the fact is that most people don’t have a clue how to get there. Bi vî awayî gelek difikirin ku ew dikarin vê dewlemendiyê bi tenê nîşandana up bidestveanîna. Mixabîn, ku di rê de ne ev qamîşên ball. Is there a simple answer? I don’t think there is a single simple answer, yet how to be successful on the internet is pretty basic. You have to be willing to work. Work at what you may ask? First thing is to work hard at learning everything you can about your chosen field. I would suggest to read and study the people who have had success in the past. There is a endless supply of knowledge floating around out there and you want to read as much of it as you can. When I first started trying to make a living on the net, I thought I was wise enough to do it on my own. It sure didn’t take long to figure out that was a joke. When I started paying attention to what some of the successful marketers were doing, I started making money myself. People pay thousands of dollars to go to college to get the information needed to be successful. Yet most are not willing to pay a hundred dollars for educational information on the net. This is not to say that you should go spend thousands of dollars for an internet education but there is information worth paying for. Now you have read and you have read some more and you are ready to start working on the internet. It is now time to put in some more of that hard work. Work is the key ingredient to get you where you want to go. Part of the learning experience is to learn how to work. When I first started on the net, I wasted much valuable time. The problem was that I did not know what kind of work was worth the time. This is part of the education that comes with experience. You will find that managing your time well is very important. May be time to read some more. The internet is a great place for anyone who wants to work and work is the key word. There is money to be made but it is not going to jump in your lap just because you showed up. Kar Ji bo Results

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