Staying Firm When Life is Unpredictable

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Whatever we do, we cannot get away or avoid accidents and other negative situations over which we have no control. Life is full of surprises, both good and bad. Most people have experienced events that cannot be considered laughing matter or worth telling a joke about. Anything can happen anywhere in any situation that one may be at. Nevertheless, people must be prepared to deal with these situations. Of course, people are expected to react or respond differently to every situation, depending on their lifestyle, way of thinking, philosophy, and attitude towards life. Due to uncertainties and problems in life, people need to be close to his or her family and friends. As a source of support and encourgement, our families are expected to stay with us no matter what happens, even if you did something wrong. They are simply there ready and willing to help in any way they can. During hard times, they will be there to guide you and support you. They are also there to support you when you make choices and decisions in life. Of course, life is not easy and we cannot have control over every single detail and aspect of it. We cannot simply change our minds and situations in the same way that we change t.v. channels using remote control. We never know what would happen the next day. We cannot even predict what can occur the next hour or the next minute. Accidents, death, and other emotionally distressing situations are traumatic experiences that cause shock, fear, trauma. Even if it’s just a friend that may be experiencing this, you yourself also share the same thoughts and can also relate with him or her. Family members with such feelings should instantly be relieved from the sadness that they feel. It would only be a matter of time before they do something bad to themselves, the cause of self-destruction due to events that broke their hearts. The speed of recovery from such traumatic situations differs from person to person. Others can deal with such situations if they are left alone. This manner of resolution is allowable as long as you know that this is how the person recovers from a problem, and that he should feel better in due time. But most people need comfort, attention, support, and love from friends and family members when dealing with traumatic situations. In this situation, friends and family should also be aware of the mental, physical, and emotional condition of the person in distress. By trying to communicate or talk to the person with emotional problems, one may be able to offer some relief through a simple conversation. By allowing the distressed person to say whatever he or she wants without arguing or belittling what he says or feel, a friend or family member may be able to help further in the process of recovery. It is important to be open, empathetic, and respectful toward a person with trauma or serious problems. However, not all people with severe emotional trauma can be helped through simple conversation. Deep thoughts and secrets can have the power to control a person’s actions and lead that person to self-destruction. It is always a good idea to get them into therapy sessions, wherein they could have an open conversation with a therapist and, in the end, the therapist can evaluate the status of the person and give advise to make the troubled person feel better. Counseling can also help when open communication is not present in the family or with friends. It is critical that this person talk with someone so that his feelings are not kept in the shadows. By just being open, understanding, supportive and loving to this person, he/she can manage to rise up from any traumatic situations that may occur. Staying Firm When Life is Unpredictable

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・ Staying Firm When Life is Unpredictable

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