Low Profile Swimming Pool Enclosures Keep Pools Clean and Safe

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If you own a swimming pool, you know the pleasures of brisk morning laps, afternoons spent watching the kids splash in delight, and weekends entertaining friends out in the backyard. Yet, while the sun and water is delightful, maintaining a pool can be less than enjoyable – and mighty expensive. In addition to chemicals and cleaning supplies, there is the expense of heating the pool in the cooler months and the hassle of dealing with debris falling into the pool. After all, who doesn’t dread the prospect of fishing leaves out of the pool in the fall and the murkiness of muddy waters after a hard rain? Thankfully, there have been great advances in pool maintenance, most notably in low profile swimming pool enclosures. Instead of the labor-intensive and messy process of covering and uncovering the pool with a traditional pool cover, an increasing number of pool owners are turning to swimming pool enclosures that are easy to install and maintain. A telescopic pool enclosure, for example, encloses the pool like a dome but is easily pushed back for full accessibility. When it comes to a telescopic pool enclosure, there are two basic types: one is installed on tracks laid on either side of the pool, and the other is trackless. In either case, the dome is tall enough (ranging from about 105cm to 185cm) so that you can open the hinged door and enjoy swimming even in inclement weather. Because it is built like a telescope, it’s a breeze to push back the enclosure on sunny days. These kinds of swimming pool enclosures offer more than aesthetic value, however. Your heating bill will be reduced, since the enclosures absorb and retain the sun’s heat. You’ll also spend less for chemicals, since there will be less water evaporation. One of the most significant benefits is that a telescopic pool enclosure has a child safety lock, which ensures that your pool is safe even when you’re not using it. Chances are, though, that you’ll be using your pool much more frequently, since the covering and warmth retention make the water inviting even when the weather’s bad. Depending upon the size and type of the enclosure you choose, it takes two people anywhere from about five hours to about fourteen hours to install. When selecting a company that meets the needs for your swimming pool enclosures, choose one that will give you a head start in the installation process. The price of the enclosure should include all of the tools you’ll need, perhaps with the exception of an electric drill. You should also receive a complete parts list and comprehensive, step-by-step illustrations of the installation process. The best companies will also provide you with a DVD that demonstrates the key stages of assembly. There’s little doubt that swimming pool enclosures pay for themselves many times over, in terms of actual money saved and in terms of the increased opportunities you’ll have to enjoy your pool. So dive right in and explore enclosure solutions that are right for you! Low Profile Swimming Pool Enclosures Keep Pools Clean and Safe

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・ Low Profile Swimming Pool Enclosures Keep Pools Clean and Safe

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