It’s Not Your Job to Lower Your Fees to Help the Client Afford You

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I constantly receive questions and complaints from my creative professional clients about what to do when a prospect claims, “I can’t afford your prices, but I want your services.” My clients are frustrated, because they are usually being told this while standing in a mansion-like home, furnished with top-of-the-line furniture, with a beautifully manicured lawn, and three luxury cars parked in a four-car garage. How much your client can afford is relative to their values and beliefs of what is important. It is not your job to lower your price so the client can afford you. It is your job to help the client see the connections between their values and your services, regardless of how much money they’ve spent on other items. In other words, don’t lower your price because the client says she can’t afford you. What a client can and cannot afford is all relative. For example, I know a woman who enjoys eating out at expensive restaurants, though she claims she cannot afford to go on vacation every year. On the flip side, I know families who rarely eat out and cook low cost meals at home, so they can afford to vacation twice a year. Therefore, it is valuable to the first woman to eat out and it is valuable to the other people to go on vacation. What they can each afford is based on their values of what is important, not on how much money they have. What people choose to spend their money on and what they can afford is not the job of the restaurant, nor is it the job of the vacation spots. Just as it is not your job to lower your price just because the client wants you to. You have to help the client see the value in your services by learning more about what is important to them and why. During your initial visit with the client (either on the phone or in person) you must ask them questions about what they want and, more importantly, WHY they want it. Buy uncovering “the why” behind their wants, you can help them connect their needs to the value of your services. Don’t just pitch your services to the client, ASK them what they want. Then follow up with a question (or several questions) which help you understand why they want it. Keep in mind, if the client continues to whine that she cannot afford your services, then move on. Don’t lower your price. If she wants you and finds value in your services, she’ll find the money to be able to afford you. It’s Not Your Job to Lower Your Fees to Help the Client Afford You

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・ It’s Not Your Job to Lower Your Fees to Help the Client Afford You

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