The Top 10 Advantages Of Using The Topax Management System

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Formula Travel Solutions offers the most comprehensive technology solution for both inbound and outbound tour operators. Here are the 10 top advantages of using the TOPAX Management System that can make your travel business a success: 1. User Friendly New employees can quickly adhere to the software environment by using easy windows-type screens. Changes and modifications may be quickly made with ease and without frustration. Help screens are also widely available. 2. Productivity Since the software is very user friendly, less data entry errors will be made and this means less money slipping away. Improving productivity and ensuring accurate management are effectively maintained. More time can be spent assisting customers and producing profits rather than training employees. 3. Profitability With the TOPAX Management System in place, be ready to lower sales process costs and witness more profits per transaction. Various inventory-handling methods are used in the program, so knowing the real-time status of services helps obtain optimal results. 4. Loyalty Time and time again businesses want to ensure that their customers are satisfied and will continue to choose them again in the future. With the TOPAX Management System, customers will receive faster responses and a richer product offering. This will help develop strong customer satisfaction and loyalty through such a successful business relationship. 5. Reliability In terms of accounting, the system can automatically invoice, monitor billing and payment collection. Accurate tracking of customers’ outstanding balances and revenues and profits from sales activities are evident. 6. Flexibility The system offers all types of travel products and since the system is user friendly, changes can be made at any time with ease. The TOPAX Management System is flexible enough to change all types of travel packages as well. 7. Variety The software offers extensive pricing, costing and quotation generation capabilities. Different price lists can be generated for various purposes. Comparison lists are also included. For a-la-cart, per-person or per-group, a variety of quotation proposals can be made. All of this can generate more sales opportunities and expand bookings. 8. Interactive The TOPAX Built-in B2B (Business to Business) Web site enables various On-line activities such as availability, booking and update capabilities that make this system powerful, efficient and productive to you and your customers. Transaction history records are maintained as well. 9. Control With the numerous operational and management report options, tour operators gain total control over statistical and detailed data. From sales reports to net income, staff performance to production analysis, the TOPAX Management System always lets you know where you stand. 10. Expertise With Formula Travel Solutions’ extensive technical experience, travel expertise and solid financial foundation, we’re here to assist you and your business. From online technical support to sales support, we’re available when you need us. Formula Travel Solutions wants to make your travel business a powerful selling machine. With 10 reasons why the TOPAX Management System can work to your advantage, there is no doubt that it will benefit your company. The Top 10 Advantages Of Using The Topax Management System

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・ The Top 10 Advantages Of Using The Topax Management System

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