Meet The Students

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Meet the students A strange and diverse tribe, students date back to ancient times. They’re out there in their millions but tricky to track down. Find out who they are, where they hang out and the opportunities they offer: Rockus Maximus Who are they? This genus is extremely fond of Pete Doherty, The Killers and regularly reads the NME. What are they like? A bit scruffy, they went to university because they’re not quite sure what they want to do in life (apart from headlining Glastonbury, obviously). Also identified as a ‘procrastinator’ (Mintel, 2004). Where can they be found? When they’re not downloading the latest Green Day track onto their iPod, they can be found lurking in dingy pubs, scouting Indie record shops to pick up rare promos or renting a DVD. Often nocturnal creatures, fond of smoking – how shall we say? natural remedies, they are among the half of all students who go to rock concerts. Most likely to: Wear a Nirvana T-shirt (‘It’s history man, my dad loves them!’) Least likely to: Listen to The Cheeky Girls. Marketing opportunities Rockus Maximus want to know about gigs, CD deals, beer promos, music festivals and where to find cheap Rizlas. Urbanicus Fashionista Who are they? Most likely to be female, this small bird-like creature is set to be a high-achiever. Taking care of mind and body, they are among the 26% of students who take part in some form of sport or exercise at least once a week (Mintel 2004). What are they like? Nicely-groomed, with clear, shiny skin, finished with a touch of lip-gloss in the day, but togged-up in their favorite number from the designer sales when they hit the town once a week. They like quality but are thrifty because they fear student debt. They try and budget, shopping around for interest-free credit cards to help manage their finances. Could be one of Mintel’s ‘planners’ (2004), believing a degree will enhance their career prospects. Where can they be found? The gym, cocktail bars, the bookshop, the library, designer stores (just to get ideas) and high street fashion stores. Most likely to: Wish they could afford Stella McCartney for Adidas’ designer exercise gear. Least likely to: Drink alcopops Marketing opportunities Keep Urbanicus Fashionista fully-informed about bargain flights to Thailand, innovative bank accounts, Pilates classes, organic cafes and deals on facials. Culture Vulturecalus Who are they? They are the approximate 30% of students (compared to 17% of non-students) who regularly visit art galleries and exhibitions. (Mintel, 2004) What are they like? They are lively and engaging, probably quite noisy, and love discussion and debate about the latest cultural happening. The female of the species may well be among the 15% who attend contemporary dance performances. Where can they be found? The cinema, the art gallery, the museum, the theatre or swanning around the cooler summer festivals, such as the Big Chill or Lost Vagueness. Nighttime sees them at a select club night hosted by a small up-and-coming breaks or hip hop label. Most likely to: Try to blag their way into the local art gallery’s latest private viewing or urban music event. Least likely to: Do the ‘big fish, little fish’ dance on the podium at Ritzy’s nightclub. Marketing opportunities Attract this group with two-for-one theatre tickets, art gallery memberships, museum cafe discounts and student cinema offers. Academius Geriatricus Who are they? This breed is the 10% of students that are 21+ and are more likely to be male. They could be a Workplace Refugee (Mintel, 2004), who has decided to come to university after working, wanting a degree in order to progress. What are they like? On average, they have about ‘350 more cash over the academic year than younger students. There is a strong chance they have lived in London (DfES, 2002/03). Where can they be found? Generally studying at one of the newer universities or working part-time in paid employment. They make the most of their course by researching in the lab, archive centre or library. Most likely to: Have their old work suit from Next hanging in the wardrobe and regularly brush their hair and clean their teeth. Least likely to: Hang out with the school-leavers in the student union. Marketing opportunities Those who market postgraduate courses, bookshop discount days and properties to rent could be targeting this group with their services. I-am-mad-i-am-icus Who are they? They want to get a degree with minimum fuss, while thoroughly enjoying themselves and making the most of the university social scene. What are they like? Jolly, nobody’s as nuts or up-for-it as they are, you should have seen them at the clubs in Ibiza or Ayia Napa this summer. Where can they be found? Attending every Freshers’ Week event, at the hilarious ‘school disco’ in the student union or making the most of cheap shot deals at the local pub chains in town. Most likely to: Apply to Big Brother (male) or FHM Magazine’s High Street Honeys (female). Least likely to: Be a wallflower. Marketing opportunities Freshers’ week events, cheap club entry, novelty condoms and drinks promotions will all attract their attention. Geekus Spectacalus Who are they? Commonly translated from the Latin as ‘geek’ this academia lover probably excels at maths or science. They were always expected to go to university as the next logical step and so fit into Mintel’s category ‘Production Liners’ (2004). What are they like? Very shy around potential mating partners, not too hot on the old fashion sense, but always happy to explain the latest techno-wizardry to a fellow student. Where can they be found? More likely to be a student at the ‘older universities’, go to the cinema, sci-fi conventions or the student dating agency. Most likely to: Remember how to do long division. Least likely to: Enjoy extreme sports. Marketing opportunities Geekus spectaculus loves a gadget, computer fair, book sale or extra-curricular lecture event. Meet The Students

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