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बेरोजगारी दर खाली जात आणि कंपन्या आकर्षित आणि दर्जा कर्मचारी कायम करण्यासाठी लढत सह, नियोक्ते भर बंद विचार देणे आवश्यक आहे कर्मचार्यांनी आरोग्य महत्त्व ठेवले जात. आम्ही पाहिले आहे अनेक वेळा अधिक आणि अधिक कर्मचारी प्रथम पगार सुमारे फायदे योजना विचारत आहेत आणि. हे परवडणारे आरोग्य उमेदवार मनावर प्रचलित आहे की स्पष्ट आहे. विद्यमान कर्मचा, weve found that offering higher benefits contributions in lieu of salary increases is a well received concept. Small businesses have their eyes on the bottom line and labor costs are one of the hardest hitting factors. By offering higher contributions to benefits plans employers are able to reduce the overall payroll costs. This is an area that most employers dont spend a lot of time looking at because they think they are under the impression it will be too costly. Another misconception is that for a good benefits contribution plan, an employer must purchase a group policy. This is not the case, a resourceful HR person will assist company leaders in researching alternative benefits options such as mini-meds (miniature medical plans with lower maximum coverage and limited visits), individual medical plans specific to each employee (often times much lower cost than group rates) and Health Savings Accounts just to name a few. Small businesses should definitely consider benefits options now as there are proponents of legislation to make benefits mandatory for small to medium size businesses. At the end of 2005 California voters were presented with potential legislation that would require that certain employers provide health coverage for their employees and in some cases dependents through either (1) paying a fee to a new state program primarily to purchase private health insurance coverage or (2) arranging directly with health insurance providers for health care coverage. The state would also establish a new program to assist lower-income employees to pay their share of health care premiums. This referendum lost by only about 2% so we are keeping our eye on this to resurface again in the very near future. लहान व्यवसाय – पगारपत्रकाशी फायदे जमा करणे बेनिफिट

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