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सर्वेक्षण, हे दाखवण्यासाठी 85% जीवनात यश संवाद संबंधित, मानवी संबंध कौशल्य, आणि “भावनिक बुद्धिमत्ता. जो रीफ, एक अमेरिकन प्रेरणादायी वक्ते म्हणाले: “तुम्हांला सांगतो की, करण्यापूर्वी, विचारू; आपण बोलू आधी, ऐका; तुम्ही ऐका नंतर, संबंधित; आणि आपण काळजी आहे हे दाखवण्यासाठी. आपण काळजी अनुवाद करू शकता तेव्हा, लोक आपण आणि तपशील व्यवसाय करू मार्ग मिळणार नाही इच्छित असेल.” From a business viewpoint you also have to build relationships and get customers to trust you. To do that you have to: 1. Be Reliable Do what you say you’re going to do. Do it when you say you’re going to do it. Do it right the first time. Get it done on time. Under promise and over deliver. 2. Be Responsive Be available Be accessible Be willing Be helpful Be informative 3. Solve problems Solve customers unique problems and they will continue to be your customer. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and feel what they feel. Does this mean that all your marketing and advertising needs to be touchy feely? नाही. You can still create calls to action that increase sales whilst observing all these principles. उदाहरणार्थ: Tell them about a price increase! People want a ‘good deal’. If prices are going up on a specific date, let your customers know. They’ll want to buy before the price increases. Offer a trial period Trial periods are a great way to get new customers. Offer a special deal, extra service or a lower price during your trial / introductory period. Offer a Guarantee People want to know there’s no risk involved if they’re not satisfied with the product/service. Let new customers know they can cancel for any reason before the trial period expires. Offer free extras Buy X and receive Y. This works with a whole range of products and services. Be sure to include an end date on your offer. This politely urges people to take advantage of your offer before time runs out. Give a deadline for ordering. Order by the 10th and receive…. या प्रकारे, your customers know they only have a limited time to respond and they won’t fall victim to theI’ll do it latersyndrome. Offer a FREE gift As an added incentive for ordering, offer your free gift to the first 100 किंवा 1000 people that respond or walk through your doors. Offer an upgrade One simple line can boost your sales. “Order within 10 days and we’ll upgrade you to …….” Whatever you offer be sure to include action phrases: * Call Now * 24 Hours a Day * Mail today in the prepaid envelope * Fax your response card. Business success also relates to communication, मानवी संबंध कौशल्य, आणि “भावनिक बुद्धिमत्ता, but in a business context. अधिक ग्राहकांना मिळत

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