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विश्वास बसणार नाही इतका यशस्वी व्यवसाय मागे उत्तम-ठेवले गुप्त नक्की काय आहे? तो ट्रेंड ठेवणे आहे? आपली कंपनी टीप टॉप आकार काम आहे याची खात्री करा होईल की एक उत्कृष्ट काम करणार्या लोकांपैकी येत? किंवा ते आपली उत्पादने किंवा सेवा आवश्यक तेव्हा फक्त आपण परत जाऊन ठेवू करणार कोण एक निष्ठावंत ग्राहक बेस येत? निष्ठावंत क्लायंट देखील विषयावर आपली कंपनी तोंड वचनाची माध्यमातून इतर लोक अधिक लक्ष आणण्यासाठी मदत करेल आहेत. This is why a lot of successful companies nowadays just love using the loyalty marketing concept as a key strategy for them to be able to keep afloat in todays highly competitive market. The loyalty marketing strategy is actually just based on a really simple premise which is to develop a stronger relationship with each and every one of the companys best customers, make sure that they are always happy and satisfied with the companys products and services because they are the ones who will most likely stick with you for the longest time. Once you have already built a solid relationship with your best clients you will now be ensured of more profitable years ahead for the company. Highly dependent on whichever type of market place situation is the type of loyalty marketing objective that you should infuse. For your companys loyalty marketing objectives, here is a good start: 1. वारंवारता. You must know your customers purchases. This is where you should make sure that your company is constantly making an effort to improve its loyalty marketing services as well as creating a loyalty marketing service that is incredibly hard for your loyal customers to ever resist, preventing the company from ever losing their valued customers. 2. Being able to build a strong two-way relationship with their valued customers. It is important that it is deemed by the customers as a two-way relationship so that they will not think that your company is only after his or her money. Your customers need to feel that you really care for what they want and what they need thus your company should always look into further enhancing your loyalty marketing strategy by constantly researching on your customers wants and needs to be able to improve customer satisfaction with your company. 3. Being able to create and advocate Loyal customers who will actually do some free loyalty marketing for you by referring your brand to new clients. When it comes to loyalty marketing, whether your objective is to be able to keep the trust of your valued customers or to just coax them into increasing their purchasing activity from your company, it is highly important for you to be able to create a good loyalty marketing strategy that will help create a good relationship between the company and your valued customers. The basic principle behind loyalty marketing heavily relies on keeping up with these four loyalty marketing components: * Dialogue Marketingwhere you will inject loyalty marketing by making sure that the correct messages reach the people to whom they are meant for at the right timing. * Customer Behavior Trackingwhen it comes to loyalty marketing, this is a really systematic approach for your company to be able to keep track as well as store the customers spending as well as their response behaviors. This is actually an integration of the proper mix of loyalty marketing communications between the company and the customer. * Measurement this is the loyalty marketing component wherein you actually plan to keep track as well as measure the companys key performance objectives as well as the customers retention analysis data that actually go against your companys loyalty marketing objectives * Customer Rewards and Benefits Programs for loyalty marketing, this is a highly effective platform for your loyal customers to actually earn or reap rewards from your company that is actually specifically matched to every individual customers needs and preferences. * Loyalty brochure this is just an added loyalty marketing component wherein your company will hand out these loyalty brochures to your customers so that they will see the freebies that they might get if they continue on being your companys loyal customer. लॉयल्टी विपणन माध्यमातून आपल्या ग्राहकांना ठेवणे

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