More Than Just A 2×3.5

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Every business or individual who wants to be perceived as professional must have a business card. Without a business card, it’s like saying you don’t want your business to grow or you don’t want people to acknowledge that your business exists or you do not wish to spread the word about your business ‘you are not proud. Being a reader of this article, I suppose you don’t need further elaboration on the importance of a business card to someone’s business. Since you know that why, I’ll now explicate on the hows and whats in creating an effective business card. I have encountered quite a handful of unconventional business cards; cards that have broken free from the standard size and shape. There are also those I’ve seen that are made of different kinds of paper, not your typical flat-looking cardboard-type ones. In other words, you have more options now in creating a unique, groundbreaking business card than how it was years ago. In addition to this, a couple of years ago, the business card printing business has exploded online and now there are just a long list of online printing companies to choose from! The question you will need to ask yourself now is: Do I need a fancy business card or would it be better for my businessimage if I went with a conventional looking one? If you were a lawyer, would you like to have a business card with vector images and semi-bright colors and printed on translucent paper stock? I didn’t think so. If you were a Club Events Coordinator, do you think people would see you to be a person of fun if you handed them a horizontal 2×3.5 card with black fonts on a white background? I didn’t think so either. The point I’m driving at is that you should choose the materials, shape, color and design that would be appropriate for your business. Smart, professional colors for a more formal impression, bright colors and a whacky design if you wish to exude the sense of fun and creativity. Of course for those wishing to leave a formal, professional impression, remember to incorporate something on your design that will leave a mark on your customer’s mind. Make them remember you. In making your cards, make sure the font sizes, colors and styles are easy to read at the same appealing to people. It would completely defeat the purpose if people would have a hard time making out what’s written on your cards when your primary purpose in having one is to clearly deliver the message of your business to them. Another factor you must remember is that your business card has to be worth keeping. Nobody wants to keep a crappy card stowed away in their wallets. Have your cards made to fit a king’s liking and people would treat it with the same care. Before you hand out your card, make sure it doesn’t have rough, torn-like edges or anything that would give people the impression that you don’t give that much significance to your business cards. It would probably give off the impression that you don’t treat your business and clients with the same dignity and pride. A business card may provide you with only a seemingly insignificant amount of real estate to communicate your message but this is still the best proven way to get clients’with the higher likelihood of you getting your message with the added benefit of your personal interaction, too’inside and outside the office. More Than Just A 2×3.5

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・ More Than Just A 2×3.5

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