Pakaian seragam yang sejuk sesuai untuk cuaca panas

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No matter how hot and humid it may get, workers can keep their cool by wearing work clothing made with the latest scientifically treated fabrics designed to more evenly regulate their body temperatures on a year-round basis. “These uniforms are made with fabrics that literally wick perspiration away from the skin so moisture evaporates quickly,” says Robert Isaacson, Director of Marketing for UniFirst Corporation, a leading supplier of uniforms and work apparel throughout the U.S. dan Kanada. “And that’s a critical factor when it comes to feeling cooler in hotter weather, as perspiration trapped on the skin suppresses its ability to ‘breathe,’ making workers feel hotter.Isaacson points out that those same comfort features continue even when outside thermometers dip. “When these same fabrics are worn during colder weather, they also wick ‘chillymoisture away, which helps their wearers remain warm.Major uniform suppliers and manufacturers, such as UniFirst, have countless options when choosing fabrics to meet the garment needs of today’s workforce. But specially treated polyesters, used in combination with cotton, have become the preferred choice for tens of millions of uniform wearers because of the overall comfort features and the on-the-job durability they provide. “Many polyesters are now made from microfibers that are ‘spunfor a softer touch,” Isaacson says. “So when you combine spun polyester with cotton, you take clothing’s softness level up a notch. Add in the special wicking treatments and polyester’s ability to resist wrinkling, soiling and abrasions, and you truly have one of the ‘coolestsummertime uniforms or, untuk perkara itu, one of the ‘hottestones you can find during colder weather.” Pakaian seragam yang sejuk sesuai untuk cuaca panas

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