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BUSINESS INFORMATION KILLS COMPETITION IN GLOBAL BUSINESS Information is must for every manufacturers, leverandører, traders, exporters and importers of any country in the world of business. Without information about the buyers, a seller of goods and services cannot survive in the competitive world beside many other hurdles which creates barrier for smooth business. men , the saga of finding buyers is a long time headache for sellers. This all led to evolution of marketing aspects ! Marketing is very simple but what complicates is the term marketing itself. It means simply finding ,analysere, identifikasjon, strategy and convincing a buyer for pushing a sale. With Marketing, various modes also surfaced, one amongst it is internet business also known as e-commerce. selvfølgelig, e-bay, brought a revolution in the field of internet marketing .It also faced tough days to finally win the confidence of people that yes internet is also a platform where the needs of a buyer and seller is met . With e-commerce being a reality in the e-age itself ,the global buyers and seller had a common platform at a time to explore the possibilities of international business beside the national business. For første gang, the manufacturers, exporters, leverandører, traders, importers all were having some virtual existence beside their physical setup by way of factories, showrooms, outlets, trading depots etc. INDIA VIA BUSINESS TO BUSINESS(B2B) PORTAL India being the fastest growing economy of the world, is looked by countries of the world for outsourcing their products and services needs. The reason being the goods and services of India are not only cheap but most competitive and best in quality as well. To boost exports from India and to fulfill the needs of global traders who always look to buy best Indian products , , a business to business(B2B) portal has evolved to cater the needs of Indian manufacturers, Indian exporters as well importers from india and for other countries of the world. It gives latest offers/leads of products/services of manufacturers & suppliers as well of service providers of India beside buyers from other countries of Asia, Europa, Africa etc.It is a complete business trade directory with details of products and companies so that the information is exchanged at ease and with the result of business round the clock and in various countries of the world. Our aim is to satisfy the basic element of business which is only Profit. Laget fra India lanserer online gratis e-showroom tjeneste

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・ Made From India launches online free e-showroom service

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