Get Paid Anytime Anyone In The World Plays An Online Game!

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Get Paid Anytime Anyone In The World Plays An Online Game! Ken Hammond has discovered an amazing way to make money while having fun in the online gaming industry. The online gaming industry is exploding and is now even bigger than the movie industry bringing in over 10 billion dollars a year!! This does not include the lucrative online gambling industry. With the growth of online gaming, companies and internet marketers are turning to a new way to market and advertise through Advergames. According to the Interactive Digital Software Association, the number of online gaming users is growing 12 to 15 percent per month, and some 111 million people are already playing online games. The opportunity for entrepreneurs, is more likely in advergaming-games created to help businesses attract users to their sites. Advergames can assist in building a database of information about its users, directly target the market they want to hit and all very inexpensively when compared to what it costs to advertise by other means. That’s one of the reasons they’ve taken off since being introduced in the late 1990s. Advergames also have the ability of spreading by what one marketer called “word of mouse.” You like a game, therefore you e-mail it to your network of friends. They might get the game, or a link to the game site — always with an ad. At virtually no cost to the marketer or the company, the consumer is doing the advertising for you! In the industry, it’s called “viral marketing.” So, here is where you have the opportunity to get a piece of this 10 + billion dollar industry! Ken Hammond has discovered one of the best advergames on the market that can be customized for every industry. In addition to making you money, this advergame also has the ability to help non profits and charities do fundraising for their organization. Imagine… Thousands Of People Playing Online Games All Over The World And Making You Money 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week. For a free download of the new addicting advergames go to: Get Paid Anytime Anyone In The World Plays An Online Game!

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・ Get Paid Anytime Anyone In The World Plays An Online Game!

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