Prejudging Will Cost You Your Business

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You know when you want to turn your car on, you have to put the key in the ignition, put the car in drive, press the gas and go. Nothing changesYou press the gas, You hit the brake, You stop at red lights, You forge forwardnothing changes! You stay consistent, because you cant change your car based upon the road your on. You cant prejudge and say Im not going to bring my shocks today, because I dont need them on this particular road, or I dont need my blinker, because Im only going to go straight. I live in Florida, where everything is straight and flat, but I still cant say I dont need my blinkers, shocks or brakes. I cant do thatI cant pre-judge my pathits an impossible feat! What does this have to do with becoming a successful business builder? Simply, STOP Prejudging! Again, STOP Prejudging. 95% of people in direct sales and marketing fail, and heres the reason why. They Prejudge their Prospects and change their presentations to better fit that particular prospect. Heres an example: Oh, hes just a 24 year old stuttering kid that will never make it in the industry so Ill just change the presentation and make it a little shorter. No need to waste my time. On the flip side of that, most people will say this to themselves: Im sitting down with a CEO of a company today so Ive got to take out the part on money, because he has plenty. It doesnt matter who your prospect isYou cannot prejudge him/her and change your presentation! As you know that 24 year old stutterer was me, and I would have earned you seven figures if you wouldnt have prejudged me. The challenge for most business builders is prejudging their prospects based on his/her credentials, looks, past, etc. I believe each and every person is a Miracle I believe every single business builder should be a seven figure earner if they choose to be. DO NOT PREJUDGE! Show your plan and your business to each prospect the very same way. Dont change it for anyone! Its the same way you drive your car. You always bring your blinker, you shocks, brakesevery time you drive your car! You cant prejudge conditions no matter the circumstance. Never, ever prejudge, and I guarantee you that you will become a seven figure earner and build a powerhouse business. Find your WHY & FLY! John Di Lemme Prejudging Will Cost You Your Business

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・ Prejudging Will Cost You Your Business

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