Producing Good Catalog Photos

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Think of catalogs as more than the appetizer of your business. Think of it as the main course. Every customer who gets hold of your catalog would want to know everything. From product specifications to prices, they would cram for information. This is why your catalog should be complete with the information your target customers would want to know. But information alone is not enough, there should be images included to give the customer an idea of what the products look like. To get quality product photos you have to consider several factors such as the camera that you will use, the use of lights and the printing process. Digital cameras are always a good choice. Aside from convenience and control in use, it also has long term cost savings. Digital cameras are also more flexible with lighting. When you are able to get hold of a good digital camera you will get excellent and professional photos that will look great in your catalog. When taking the picture always make the product as the focal point. As much as possible avoid taking group pictures because they are less favorable and saleable than products pictured individually. When you are soliciting the help of a professional photographer, aside from taking the photos make sure also that they will do the image processing for you. And if your design will require group shots, outdoor shots or special backgrounds, it is better to sketch the shots first in a paper and give them to the photographer beforehand to make sure that the photographer understands what you want for the shots. Although some companies attempt to save money by doing the photography themselves and trying to group together products, such strategy often results in poor sales. Understand that your goal is to sell so it is essential that the images are effective and interesting as much as possible. But don’t expect the catalog alone to do the sale for you. Remember that the purpose of a catalog is the provide information and to encourage the customer to contact you. The catalog can get you the customer you need but you must make the sale. Nonetheless, it never hurts to bend some rules and experiment a little with your photos. Just make sure that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. By getting creative yourself you will be surprised with the boost in sales and profits. Producing Good Catalog Photos

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・ Producing Good Catalog Photos

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