Punch Up Sales By Letting Them Write Your Ad Letter

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Who is best qualified to prove your product works? Who has the credibility and the believability to talk about the benefits of using your product? Who will tell your customers and clients it’s a good decision to buy? It’s you, right? Perhaps you’d better keep reading… The answer is – your own customers. Your customers have the experience of using your product. They’ve used the features, and experienced the benefits. Speaking from this familiarity your customers will relate with your prospects in a way you will not. Your words are seen as claims when you talk about your product. But when your customer talks, their words are seen as truth. When you’re selling a product or service, all internet marketers know there’s nothing like the power of testimonials. Testimonials are the social proof – the “Show me I’m not alone” evidence – from customers that have already bought from you and enjoyed your product. I’ve seen salesletters written by top marketers that are composed of nothing but testimonials. We’ve all seen salesletters filled with so many testimonials that if printed out, it would drain your printer of it’s ink. The testimonials in such letters contain nearly all of the elements a good salesletter must have: the features and the benefits (especially the benefits!) of the product; the stories supporting the use of the product; and novel ideas on how your product has been put to use. (Wow, it’s like an ‘open source’ method for sales-letter development!) Just add an attention-grabbing headline (and a link to the order page) and you’re done. So how do you get authentic, sales-pulling, kick-butt testimonials that practically write your sales letter for you? Well, how about asking for them? The way that you ask, though, is the difference between asking and getting little, and asking and getting a tremendous response. Punch Up Sales By Letting Them Write Your Ad Letter

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・ Punch Up Sales By Letting Them Write Your Ad Letter

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