Sorry, But I’m Throwing Away Your Business Card

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Hey, theres a business card on my desk better follow up on it. Hmmm, should I address you as Sir or Maam? I see from the card that your name is Pat Smith. But is that Patricia or Patrick? Im afraid I dont know how to ask for you, and Id really hate to look foolish and ask for Ms.” Pat Smith if its supposed to be Mr.” Pat Smith and I dont see any kind of photo on your business card, which would help. Bet you expected me to remember you, didnt you? I know, I know, my memory isnt what it used to be. But look, I got this card yesterday. I think; dont know for sure, I was busy. I do remember that it was with a pile of other business cards on my desk. You see, I forgot it was my bosss birthday, so I had to go get her cake, and Im afraid I didnt have time to file your business card when I got back to the office. Im sure it was important, which is why I might just send you an email Except Im not sure if I got your email address right. I cant quite make it out. Did you print these business cards yourself? Surely no professional printer would allow you to cram all that text onto one single card, especially that line where you capitalized something in a script font. Maybe if I put my glasses on nope. Now where are those magnifying glasses when you need them? And is that a period on your card, or some kind of dirt or smudge? Well, it brushed off, guess it was a poppy seed or something. Anyway, it doesnt look as if you had your business card in a case I know how easy it is to just tuck a few cards into your purse, but Ill bet this one was in there a while. Its kind of crumpled along the edges, too. And now that I come to think of it, Im not really sure what you do, either. Youre a consultant, right? Thats what the title says, right after your name. What kind of consultant? Sorry if I appear dense. I see your company name is Midwest Consulting Group but Im afraid that doesnt jog my memory a bit. Theres no slogan, no tagline, no logo, nothing that would give me a clue as to what your company actually does or what line of work youre in. Our company deals with lots of different vendors and different industries I couldnt begin to guess which one you might be affiliated with. I really dont want to ignore you, or lose your business (if you were a potential customer.) I have this nagging feeling that your business card is important hey, maybe you wrote something on the back! Let me turn it over. Darn. Just a blank back. Well, lets sum this up. I dont remember who you are or what you do. Im not sure if I have your contact information right since I cant read it, and I dont even remember if youre a man or a woman. Sorry, whoever you are, but Im throwing YOUR business card away! Sorry, But I’m Throwing Away Your Business Card

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・ Sorry, But I’m Throwing Away Your Business Card

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