Sales Training Tip ‘ How To Retain Top Sales People

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There are four primary reasons a good sales person, who is producing at high-levels at a company, will choose to leave that company. Surprisingly, the top reasons are not about money. Top Reasons a Good Sales Person Will Leave A Company 1. Lack of feeling that the company ‘cares’ for them 2. Lack of personal or intangible satisfaction and reward 3. Lack of a defined or desirable career path and future 4. Lack of sufficient or desirable income Let us look at each of these areas and see how to prevent the problem. 1 – Lack of feeling that the company ‘cares’ for them The number one reason a sales person will leave your company is that deep down, they feel as if you and the company do not really care about them. They feel as if the company just cares about making money and could care less for their health and welfare. How do you make them feel like you really care for them? Simple: Really care for them! As the sales manager, you should take the success of your sales people personally. Your sales team should know that you would face upper-management, the government, the competition or anyone else, to defend them and help them succeed. Your sales team should believe that you put their success above your own. And you should because when they succeed you succeed. You have to be the captain who goes into battle in front of the troops leading them. When your sales team knows that you will take a proverbial bullet for their sake, you will never have to worry about retaining good sales people. Again, the answer for making sales people believe that you care for them is to really do it. 2- Lack of personal or intangible satisfaction and reward ‘ In this, I am referring to the things that make the sales person feel good about himself or herself and what they do. Most sales people or their management may not even realize this, but this is a critical area of needs fulfillment. Everybody has to ‘feel’ good about themselves. The job has to give you some heightened level of self-esteem, especially in the business of sales. Remember a sales person is already thought of in many circles as a charlatan or a con artist. There are many slang terms and pejorative labels that are often automatically attached to a sales person in the eyes of many consumers. Public trust becomes a big issue in the life of a professional sales person and with that public trust, comes personal trust. A sales person must be made to ‘feel’ as if they perform an honorable and trustworthy function in society. The problem is that when this atmosphere is not present for the sales person it does not materialize in a recognizable fashion. In other words, the sales person does not go up to the management team and say, ‘You know, I don’t feel important or like I am performing an honorable job function” No. In fact, the sales person will rarely understand exactly what is making him or her feel less than enthusiastic about the job. This problem will manifest itself in a number of symptoms that often seem unrelated: a. A lack of enthusiasm b. A erratic closing average c. A feeling of being overworked d. A feeling of repetitiveness e. Erratic work ethic and increased time off f. Forgetting the ‘basics’ or taking ‘short-cuts’ g. An overall attitude of, ‘I just don’t care” These are some signs that this sales person does not ‘feel’ important. Below are a few ways to help solve this problem: u Have a clearly defined company and departmental mission statement and vision statement that include the wide reaching effect of the product or service. (Look for Ask-The-Expert article ‘How to keep motivated’) u Continuously explain to the sales team the entire scope and importance of a sales person’s mission. For example, if you sell cars, a car sale does more than just satisfy the car buyer. A car sale helps the community, it helps the buyer’s family, it helps keep two dozen people employed at the dealership, it helps sell more petroleum, it helps the economy, and more. Find the long-range affect of your product or service and help the sales people understand their real importance. u Supply personal gratification in private and recognition in public. You should have regular private conversations with your sales people, keeping in touch with their wishes and dreams and their problems. Learn how to ‘listen.’ Seek out the sales person’s personal goals and objectives in private.

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・ Sales Training Tip ‘ How To Retain Top Sales People

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