Rich Jerk – At the Very Beginning – Part 2

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Ok, let me just tell you a little about my present situation. Its been about 3 months since I started my The income I get from this one website is enough to cover my monthly wages and now I guess you can see me handing in my letter of resignation and finally give my boss a few ‘words of advice’. Its been a tiring 3 months with so many things going on but it has all been worth it. Thanks to In all honesty I only paid a grand total of $70 for this valuable information on how to get free. People have fought wars and died for the mere smell of freedom. Here is a chance to win your freedom back by spending either $50 for Rich Jerk or $20 for Holly Mann’s ebook. I can’t find the words to express how much of a deal I think this really is. Naturally you’ll have to put some sweat into and work into it, but it buys you freedom. Isn’t freedom worth it? I don’t really want to sound like a salesman here but seriously, if you are like me and value your independence, you’d be a fool to bypass this opportunity. Anyway, now that you know how strongly I feel about this, let me get to the problems and worries that I have 3 months on after I’ve bought both the Rich Jerk and Holly Mann ebooks. To put it simply Search Engine Placement really worries me. Its like fighting invisible foes in the form of other webmasters all vying for that elusive 1st placement on Google’s search page. I’ve noticed that my ‘Rich Jerk’ keyword marketplace is indeed a very competitive one as there are currently over 7,000,000 websites with content related to him. I’m at 40th place more or less and I’m already making a steady income. Imagine if I was 20th, I’d say my income would be at least 50% more. So that is my next challenge and because the marketplace is competitive, it’s a bit of an uphill challenge, but that’s the goal I’ve set. Just to clarify with you, if you buy Rich Jerk or Holly Mann’s ebook you don’t need to go into the Rich Jerk marketplace, there are other markets that are much less competitive and return better, but you might not get as much knowledge early on and you might get complacent. That is the reason I chose the Rich Jerk market place, its hard but in the process I learn a lot more and if I take this information and use it on other market places, I don’t believe ranking in the first page would be very hard. Anyway, the message is to work on the knowledge that these gurus have imparted. You might even learn more on the way and outshine them. Remember the whole idea is that you can buy freedom, but you must work at it to make it a success. Rich Jerk – At the Very Beginning – Part 2

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・ Rich Jerk – At the Very Beginning – Part 2

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