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Despite what the ad copy on most MLM sales pages tells you, this business is NOT easy. While everyone has their own learning curve, it generally takes a tremendous amount of solid planning and hard work to realize a profit with net marketing. A big problem in this business is a lack of honesty. Im not talking about scam artists or crooks here. Im talking about the inability of individuals to be honest with themselves and realistic about what they want to achieve. You may be an affiliate marketer who wants to build big in opportunity systems that are owned by other people. Or, perhaps you are someone who wants to sell your own products and services. There is good money to be made with either path. Personally, I believe the intelligent use of both affiliate programs and products that you own is the best approach to making money in the net marketing niche. But before you continue with this train of thought, Id like you to take just a couple of minutes to consider why you are here in the first place. And dont say to make money. There are lots of ways to make money. But for some reason, you have chosen this field over countless other options. Look deep down and find the real reason you are here. Its funny how so many people get stumped by this very simple exercise. Dont make a mountain out of an ant hill; just be honest with yourself about what brought you here. Ill give you my reasons, just so you can see how the thought process works for this. Im here because I dont have what it takes to be an underpaid employee for the next 40 years of my life. I lack the fortitude required to work my butt off for less than what Im worth, and then retire to a sub-quality lifestyle. Dont get me wrong; Im slightly smarter than the average milk cow, and Im not afraid of hard work. I just cant get into the right frame of mind for doing all the work and letting someone else take most of the money. For many years I felt guilty about my disposition, and struggled to bring my attitude in line with the blue collar status quo. Maybe I just had a chip on my shoulder, and needed to get in touch with a greater sense of responsibility. Then one day, while working as a delivery driver for a local produce vendor, I had an epiphany. My partner and I were in the process of unloading, by hand, a $3,200 order consisting of numerous 25 pound boxes. It occurred to me about midway through the 2,000 pounds of fruit I was humping down the delivery ramp that my boss was at home smoking cigarettes and watching cable television. I had been with this company for a while, and I had a good idea of the profit margins involved with this type of order. In the three hours it took me to fill the order, drive to the location, and unload the goods, I made less than $30. My employer, on the other hand, put just over $1,400 of profit into the coffers. To be clear, Im not saying there is anything morally astray about this. In fact, my former employer is a wonderful human being and a successful business owner. Im just not the kind of guy who can shake this stream of logic once it starts bouncing around inside my skull. The fact is profits are much better than wages no matter how you try to rationalize the equation. When I shared these thoughts with my route partner, he shrugged and told me it was just a job and that I was thinking too much. This came as no surprise, and in fact was the same response my grumblings had been getting from fellow employees for years. Im not cut out for the nine-to-five grind, because I feel strongly about working for my prosperity and not toiling away to build someone elses salary. I also dont care for the idea of planning my day entirely around an agenda that fails to serve my best interests. My time is just that MINE. Plus I enjoy the idea of helping others for the benefit of both parties. Add to this the fact that I love the challenge of trying to attract people to my offers, when there are thousands of other propositions to choose from, and network marketing on the world-wide-web becomes a perfect fit for me. So there it is in a nutshell. Thats why Im here. Ok its your turn. This may seem trivial to you, but I promise the exercise Im suggesting is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Why Are You Here?

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・ Why Are You Here?

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