American Aseyori Story: Office Max Apá 2

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Ẹnikẹni pẹlu a ile ọfiisi, kọmputa tabi awọn ọmọ wẹwẹ ni o nilo ni ti ile-eko agbari jẹ julọ seese faramọ pẹlu kan itaja ti a npe ni OfficeMax. Awọn ile-ti a da ni April 1988 ati awọn ti akọkọ OfficeMax itaja la ni Cleveland, Ohio ni Keje ti ti odun kanna. Awọn superstore pq bayi ni o ni lori 900 locations in the United States and Mexico with just about every kind of office supply item you’d ever need from electronics, aga ati software to ranse si-oniwe-ki o si pencils. Lori awọn ọdun, OfficeMax has taken on business ventures with several well-established companies such as Hewlett-Packard. Their goal is to provide consumers with the highest rated state-of-the-art services and products. In addition to their partnership with Hewlett-Packard, another undertaking OfficeMax took on was a business venture with the Earthlink internet provider service in 2001. The two companies decided to hook up and market a wide variety of internet services to focus on the small business customer. As a result of this enterprise, Earthlink became the preferred provider of internet services to OfficeMax’s customers. Web hosting, dial-up and broadband connectivity are some of the Internet services the two companies offer by what OfficeMax refers to as ‘an interactive store-within-a-store’. They have made it available at all of the OfficeMax locations and online through the Business Services area of OfficeMax’s chairman and chief executive officer, Michael Feuer said basically, that they chose EarthLink because of it strong customer focus. OfficeMax was further impressed by Earthlink’s operation because they stand behind their customer service commitment and constantly offer new technology to help small business customers become more efficient and effective. afikun ohun ti, EarthLink agreed to and continues providing training to OfficeMax employees on concepts that are designed to provide both of their customer bases with awareness and accessibility to the latest internet services. OfficeMax and Earthlink view their combined business venture a win/win opportunity for both the companies and their customers. Earthlink feels that through their agreement with OfficeMax, they will be achieving a solid, retail-level method for reaching millions of small business customers. Both corporations also have the opportunity to provide their customers with new services they can use for accessing the internet which will increase productivity for their businesses. Whether you are a small business owner, home-based professional or regular, all-American family with office and computer supply needs in addition to internet services, you can depend on OfficeMax for quality products and services. Check them out . American Aseyori Story: Office Max Apá 2

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・ American Success Story: Office Max Apá 2

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