Quick QuizMeasure Your Meeting Mastery

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Here’s an easy quiz to check the health of your meetings. 1) Who leads your meetings? — a) No one, b) Whoever has the loudest voice, c) A facilitator 2) What happens to the ideas in your meetings? — a) If we had to think of ideas, it would be work, b) We make fun of them, c) A scribe writes them on a chart pad 3) Are results obtained in your meetings? — a) We eat all the donuts, b) And we drink all of the coffee, c) bẹẹni! 4) Do your meetings have an agenda? — a) Is that some kind of cabinet?, b) I saw one once in an article, c) bẹẹni! 5) Who attends your meetings? — a) We have bleachers to hold spectators, b) The entire staff plus any homeless people in the neighborhood, c) Only those who can contribute 6) How long are your meetings? — a) I’ll let you know when this one ends, b) All day, c) An hour or less 7) During a meeting do you: — a) Break a foam cup into bits, b) Prepare for the next meeting, c) Focus on the topic 8) How soon after the meeting do you issue minutes? — a) If you think I want to publicize how much time we wasted, you’re nuts, b) Within a few months or so, c) As soon as possible, if not faster 9) While someone is speaking, do you: — a) Wonder about the strength of plastic foams, b) Plan a way to change the subject, c) Listen empathetically 10) What structured activities do you use in your meetings? — a) We sit on chairs, b) Everyone leaves at the same time, c) Process tools designed to gather information, ṣe ìpinnu, and manage participation. Score: subtract five points for every (a), mark a zero for every (b), and add five points for every (c). If your total is: * Negative: Go to your boss and ask to be fired * Zero to 20: Stay home * 25 to 35: Attend a workshop * 40 to 50: Congratulations Quick QuizMeasure Your Meeting Mastery

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・ Quick QuizMeasure Your Meeting Mastery

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