Would you like to Make Money Online?

點樣用100x 槓桿或孖展交易比特幣

你可以用 bitmex 賺大錢嗎??

100×Leverage!! cryptocurrency 外匯賬戶成立

If you answered yes to the above question, then you really need to take a look at the below statisticsthe numbers amazed even me! There was an important news story recently, that never made the 6 o’clock News or the front pagesbut it has fundamental implications for the future of online business. Hidden away was the news that spending on Internet advertising is going to exceed 10 Billion Dollars this year, for the first time ever. The actual figure for the year is over $13 billion, and roughly translated into real money that’s ‘7.5 Billion. Why is this important and what’s this got to do with your home-based online business? Let me put this in perspective. 喺 1999, at the height of the dot com boom, spending on internet advertising reached $4.2 Billionso we’re now at three times the spending of the dot com boom! This is dramatic news. We’ll look back on these years and realise we’re living through the real internet revolution, right now! The possibilities this offers your online business are tremendous. The downside is that many people are going to get left behind, because they realised too latethat in 2005 and early 2006it’s absolutely essential that your business is also an Online Internet Business. Internet sales are increasing as a result of this advertising as well, which wasn’t necessarily the case with the dot com boom! To give you an example of why this is the case, rather than fight my way into town by car or sit on a congested train yesterdayI sat back, made myself a cup of tea and did a little online shopping. I actually found some great deals online, and when delivery is free, you can often buy more than you’d otherwise buy! But here’s where it gets interestingThis week, I’ve also bought (在线) a spare part for a car (needed urgently by a family member and delivered the next day), a dressing gown (present), some envelopes, a new door bell, two new detail sanders (for the guys currently working on my house), some software, and a new road map for the car. 而家, I could easily have popped into town and collected all these presents, parts or items, but the point is that I didn’t. 同, if the companies I bought from didn’t have an Online Business, they simply wouldn’t have received that sale from me. On the face of it, one sale may not seem very important, but if you look at today’s societywhere no-one has the time to stop in the street and complete a survey (yes I’m guilty of that too), no-one has the time for lunch, and everything must be ‘quick’, ‘nowand ‘instant’you simply have to offer a painless, quick and instant Online Business service if you want to survive. Problem: People have no time to shop. 解决方案呀: Offer a way in which people can buy from you 24 小時一日, and from the comfort of their own home. When you do, I guarantee that your online business will experience phenomenal growth. All you need is a half-decent website and the correct marketing strategy behind you. Would you like to Make Money Online?

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・ Would you like to Make Money Online?

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