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4 Classic Cold Calling Mistakes

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4 Classic Cold Calling Mistakes

Last update date : 19-09-2021

Have you noticed that the old “tried and true” cold calling techniques which were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years? They just dont work anymore. But many salespeople are still use them because thats all they know. Theyre working from that old, ineffective cold calling mindset. And theyre making the same mistakes over and over again. Id like to talk about 4 classic cold calling mistakes from the old traditional approach that will put you on the wrong path if youre not careful. 1. Deliver a strong, enthusiastic sales pitch People almost always feel “pushed” by sales enthusiasm, especially when its coming from someone they dont know. You see, a strong sales pitch includes the unspoken assumption that your product or service is a great fit for the other person. But think about it. Youve never spoken with them before, much less had a full conversation. You cant possibly know much about them at this point. So to them, youre just another salesperson who wants them to buy something. And so the walls go up. Its much better to modestly assume you know very little about your prospect. Invite them to share some of their concerns and difficulties with you. And allow them to guide the conversation, rather than your pre-ordained strategy or pitch. 2. Your goal is to always make the sale When your target in cold calling is to always make the sale, prospects are aware of your agenda. And almost immediately, theyre on the defensive. After all, youre primarily focused on yourself and the sale not on them. In the old traditional mindset, you forge ahead with the hope of getting a sale. Youre coaxing, persuading, and pushing things forward. But most cold calls break down the moment the other person feels this sales pressure. Why? Because they dont know you, and they dont trust you. So the sales momentum youre trying to create actually triggers a backlash of suspicion and resistance. Theyre trying to protect themselves from a potential “intruder” with what appears to them as a self-serving agenda. Instead, you can approach cold calling with a different goal. Your focus can be on discovering whether youre able to solve a problem for the other person. When you become a problem-solver, this feels vastly different to the person youre talking to. Youre not triggering rejection. Youre calling with 100 percent of your thoughts and energy focused on their needs, rather than on making a sale. 3. Focus on the end of the conversation thats when sales are lost If you believe that you lose sales because youve made a mistake at the end of the process, youre looking in the wrong direction. Most mistakes are made at the beginning of a cold calling conversation. You see, its at the beginning that you convey whether youre honest and trustworthy. If youve started out your cold call with a high-pressured sales pitch, then youve probably lost the other person in just a few seconds. When you follow a sales script, strategy, or presentation, then youre not allowing a natural, trusting conversation to evolve. So the “problem” has been put into motion by your very first words. So the place to put all your focus is at the beginning of the cold call, not at the end. 4. Overcome and counter all objections Most traditional sales programs spend a lot of time focusing on overcoming objections. But these tactics only put more sales pressure on your prospect, which triggers resistance. And you also fail to explore or understand the truth behind whats being said. When you hear, “We don’t have the budget,” or, “Call me in a few months,” you can uncover the truth by replying, “That’s not a problem.” And then using gentle, dignified language, you can invite them to reveal the truth about their situation. So move away from the old sales mindset and try this new way of approaching your cold calling. Youll find yourself being more natural, and others will respond to you in a much more positive way. 4 Classic Cold Calling Mistakes

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