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Mortgage Leads, Increase Your Closure Ratio

If you are a loan officer or a mortgage broker, and you are currently using a mortgage lead provider, or you are considering investing with one, one of the most important things you should take into consideration, is the closure ratio.

Business Opportunity Seekers

If you are involved in any type of multi-level, network marketing program, home based business, or other type of direct sales program, then you are probably interested in building your business using business opportunity seekers.

Mortgage Leads, Junk vs. Real Time

A junk lead is classified as a lead that is old or recycled by many loan officers and many lead companies. It may come cheap, but chances are, it won be worth the two dollars you spent on it.

Internet Mortgage Leads

If you are a loan officer, you may be considering purchasing internet mortgage leads. But you may be leery of whom to buy them from and the type of lead you should buy.

Mortgage Leads, Where to Begin

If you are considering investing your hard earned money with a mortgage lead company, or you are switching lead companies because you have gone through the pain of seeing your money go down the drain, here is a good place to begin.

Franchising – The Licensing Of Trademarks And Methods Of Doing Business

Franchise is a method of doing business by licensing trademarks. A recurring royalty fee being the prime source of income, the advent of franchise business dates back to the 1850s. The earliest example being the bars of New South Wales, the agreements between these bars and the breweries can be considered the foundation for modern franchise businesses. Further examples of early franchises include the telegraph system (operated by various railroad companies but controlled by W...

WEBconference reduces global warming

By eliminating back-and-forth travel to meetings, WEBconferences reduce the gas emissions that produce the greenhouse effect that in turn causes global warming. They also reduce many of the inconveniences of traveling: driving-related stress, speeding, being late, wait times, and the overall loss of time and money.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads

If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker on the market for exclusive mortgage leads, how do you know if that lead is really exclusive or not?

How To Make Money From Freebie Seekers

There's a common misconception that people who search for free stuff online are not good prospects as customers. While that may be true in many cases, that doesn't mean they can't help you make money. We're going to discuss how you can make money from these freebie seekers by not selling them any products. You're going to send these people to companies which will pay you for each lead you send them. These pay per lead companies will pay you each time you send them a ...

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