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Elrical Safety Is Not Shocking

In electrical injuries there are four main types of injuries: electrocution (will cause death), electric shock, burns, and falls. These injuries can come from direct contact with the electrical energy, electrical arcs that jumps to a person who is grounded, thermal burns including flash burns from heat generated by an electric arc, flame burns from materials that catch on fire from heating or ignition by electrical currents, and muscle contractions can cause a person to fall.

How can residents stall the dilapidation of their building ? – RealAcres.com

How can residents stall the dilapidation of their building ? The performance of our homes and buildings depends on how well we maintain them. A sign of deterioration (crack , corrosion, dampness etc) observed in a flat or in a building is called a 'distress'. If we are watchful, we can take the necessary action needed to counter such distresses before they become worse. Today, we shall look at some commonly encountered types of distress so that you can recognize them when you come across them in your flat or your building.

12 Ways To Use E-learning For Customer Acquisition And Retention, Part 2

Customer Retention Uses of Web-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs) 8) Around-the-clock, 24-7 tech support. A web-based LMS used to deliver training and product support is able to provide 24-7 customer support, with courses on installation procedures and other types of important information. Top-notch customer support will therefore improve customer loyalty. 9) Map the perception of your company's product and services on your customer's mind. A web-based learning ma...

The #1 Killer In Corporate America: Bad Leadership

The 2007 employment market will be rich in opportunities for millions of job seekers who are no longer satisfied with their current positions. Companies that fail to keep their employees -- including their senior executives -- engaged "will create a fast-moving conduit of quality candidates that feeds their own competitors and their own failure,"

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