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The Balanced Direct Sales Mom

If you're already in direct sales, you know that it's not always easy to keep the priorities straight. Particularly when your business is just starting, but also when you get things going at a good clip in your business, direct sales can take on a life of its own and quickly cross the boundaries of happy home life. Here are 10 quick tips for helping to keep the Mom part of your life at the forefront while still running a successful Direct Sales business. 1. Plan - Sit down...

The Care And Feeding Of Referrals

When someone joins a program under you, whats the first thing you should do? I can tell you that the wrong answer is Try to Sell Him or Her Something. Thats the best way to lose an associate. All people want respect and pouncing on referrals in this way is bound to raise hackles. Instead, welcome the person to the program. If the site is a little complicated in some way, explain where members usually find rough spots. You can learn these issues by reading the FAQs beca...

Enter The Matrix ‘ Pie In The Sky Or Digital Sweat Shop?

One of the most commonly used buzz terms in the home business niche is 'matrix plan'. It has a nice ring to it I'll admit. Promoters often use this phrase to suggest a stable, well formulated income stream. But in reality this type of opportunity scam is anything but lucrative for the majority of participants. Before I continue, I want to point out that almost all matrix programs fall under the FTC's classification of pyramid schemes and ponzi scams. They're illegal sys...

MLM Network Marketing

Multilevel marketing, or MLM, is a structure that is in place for promoting and selling goods or services with the help of a net of distributors.

Create Your Network Marketing Momentum

In network marketing, substantial wealth is created only after you have achieved momentum. This momentum can be thought as very similar to the doubling effect of compound interest. Compound interest is "Interest which is calculated not only on the initial principal but also the accumulated interest of prior periods." In the case of your network marketing efforts your initial principal is your initial effort. Your accumulated interest is that of your sponsors...

Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars on Leads

This article explains how to you can avoid the painful process of buying leads and cold calling hundreds and hundreds of people to get a few business signups. You can learn to use a system that can easily be reproduced by your downline creating momentum in your business and theirs.

The Network Marketing High Income Formula

Embracing the qualities of leadership, innovation, and commitment is paramount to your success in network marketing and life. Mega income earners in the network marketing industry know that there is no substitute for these qualities, and over time, they have proven to be the key to unlocking unlimited wealth.

What You Must Know In Order To Succeed In Your Network Marketing Business

There are many reasons why people fail in network marketing. However, instead of looking into each of these causes, the purpose of this article is to explain what people MUST know when they start their network marketing business so that they will have a better chance to succeed. This is what you must know in order to succeed in your network marketing business: 1) What is your "job" scope? 2) What is expected of you in your "job"? 3) What you should expect in yo...

I Learned Everything I Needed To Know About Business From Childbirth

Are you a Mom in business? Then you already know my secret of success. What is it? Everything you need to know about succeeding in business you learned from giving birth. No, really! See what I mean. Principle #1) It's going to be more work than you think. I know you read about people who have an idea that "accidentally" makes them a million, much like your neighbor's cousin twice removed who had a 2 hour painless labor. Don't count on it! Your business i...

Essential Qualities of a Truly Successful MLM Business Opportunity

To succeed at any MLM business, a lot depends on the individual?s qualities. But nevertheless, a successful MLM business opportunity will always give its members an edge over other MLM companies. So how will you know if the MLM business opportunity you are considering is able to give you that ?edge?? Well, here are some considerations for choosing a successful MLM business opportunity to start out your own business.

Network Marketing, The Business Model

For people who are interested in starting a home-based business, supplementing their income, and providing greater security for retirement and for their children and grandchildren, network marketing is an obvious choice.

The truth that most MLM leaders in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and everywhere else are NOT revealing to their downlines’

Here's the truth that most MLM leaders in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and everywhere else in the world are NOT revealing to their downlines' SHOW-UP AND THROW-UP NO LONGER WORKS! Sitting down patiently with your prospect and sharing with him ad nauseam about all of the wonderful reasons why he should join your MLM opportunity and why he should pay money for your products doesn't work! Believe it or not prospects hate it, and they badmouth you for it!

Using Audio In Your Direct Sales Business

If you've been around the Internet for more than a week or so you know that everything is hopping and moving fast and that using audio, webcasting and podcasting are where it's at. Most direct sales representatives are content building their business using the traditional means and supporting their downline with phone calls and emails. But, let me tell you, if you're not exploring the use of audio with your direct sales business you're missing out not only on profits, but ...

Downline Builders: What Are They Good For? Absolutely Somethin!

Do you belong to a downline builder? Do you even know what a downline builder is and if you do, do you know how they work? A downline builder carries a list of programs for you to join. The premise is that you will join listed programs and that your sponsor will get credit for you as a referral in all of the programs listed. Then, you will gather your own recruits and get credit for them as referrals in any of the programs they join under you and so on. Sometimes, down...

5 Simple and Easy Ways to Advertise Online

Whether you have a simple and basic Work at Home Business or a significant Internet Marketing enterprise you can benefit from these 5 easy and simple ways to advertise and drive traffic to your website at absolutely no cost.

Building A Strong Downline Relationship In Your Direct Sales Business

Congratulations! You've got a strong direct sales downline or are beginning to build one! This is one of the best parts of being a direct sales consultant, - the fact that you can share your passion for your business with others, help them to earn a little extra money and get paid for helping grow your company as well. Now that you are a leader of a team, you'll need to build a strong relationship with downline members to not only help them stay strong in their business, ...

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