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Running Your Own Home Business

Everyone dreams of independence and the ability to spend more time with their family. For many this remains just a dream due to financial obligations that send one or both parents to work full time. For single parents, it can be even more difficult or unrealistic to dream about spending more time at home with their children. Thousands of people do own their own home business, so it must be possible, but can I do it? That's the question. How do I get started? How do I go fr...

The Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards are very essential for small businesses. These credit cards offer the most important accountant benefit to small business owners, which is to keep business expenses separate from personal expenses.


When it comes to business and finance there is a big problem with the ethics of the men and women behind big oil and the government officials that have been elected to keep the well being of the country in check. This article is about the high costs of fuel and some corresponding issues.

Make Your Business Grow

No matter how big or small your business, there are things that an owner should do to make his business grow. At one time or another, every business owner has stayed awake at night and said, "What do I do now." For some reason, things aren't going as well as you think that they should.

The Dot Com Era is Back

In a recent article titled "Internet use threatens to overtake TV in Canada" it discusses the threat of online marketing to traditional media sources in Canada. This isn't a a threat anymore in the US. It is a fact.

Retail Store U-Scan Machines: Self-Serve or Voluntary Part Time Job?

Do many of us realize that we are working an unpaid part time job for the grocery stores and some home appliance stores? We are ringing up our own goods, are not getting any price discount for doing so and are saving these retailers money. Each self-serve lane contains two to three self-serve scanners. Retailers have an average of two to four self-serve lanes. Retailers are saving each store an average of four to eight cashiers' salaries per store. One attendant is assigned to these self-service machines. Hypothetically, if stores are paying full time cashiers $7 per hour, they are now saving $14,000 annually in wage expenses for each cashier that they do not have to hire. Multiplied by four to eight cashiers, each store saves $56,000 to $112,000 per year on wage expenses. This simple calculation does not even count other benefits that companies pay to their cashiers, such as healthcare, vacation pay, sick pay, 401(k), pension benefits and tuition assistance.

Email Grammar Tips

You may think there is no connection or relevance between constructing email messages with grammatically correct sentences and conducting the functions of a competent businessperson. However, your clients may disagree.

Benefiting from Using Small Business Credit Cards

Running a small business requires accurate and detail records. This can be accomplished by using a business credit card. Using a business credit card will provide the small business owner with a monthly statement, listing all business transactions in detail.

Why Are Turnkey Business Opportunities So Lucrative?

Amidst everyone's busy life, one may, in one time or the other, stop and think-one person has a steady nine to five job, generating a steady income, may want, or wishes that she can stay at home and be with the kids... but has no choice, one must earn, to make a living. Others, may not want to stay at home, but wishes still, could make a larger income and be their own boss. Others still, are not satisfied, or do not enjoy what they do at work, and again, wishes to find a job ...

Olds Resurrection?

Branding wars between GM divisions have resulted in the raising up of the Saturn name at the expense of Oldsmobile. Can Olds make a comeback? Some people certainly hope so. Read on for a behind the scenes account of the ending of one of the most historic names in the American motoring industry.

Your Own Home-Based Business: It’s All in the Family

The cost of everything keeps going up: food, utilities, gasoline, insurance, and day care, just to name a few. It's hard to keep up and still spend quality time with your children. As a result, more and more people are choosing to start their own home based businesses.

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