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Invoice Factoring As A Short-Term Cash Flow Solution

Invoice factoring refers to the practice where smaller companies sell invoices in order to receive money today. IN this case they do not have to wait for a credit period of 30, 60, or 90 days. Thus by selling invoices smaller companies do not create debt. This practice of invoice factoring is basically used as a finance management tool. This practice of invoice factoring is usually adopted to avoid any loans or giving any collateral against availing any loan. The fee for ...

The Process of Announcing an Address Change

The style and design of your change of address announcements depends on your own personal taste. Some people opt to include an image of their new home. This adds a very special touch to the announcement and gives the recipients a sneak preview of where you'll be living

Bootstrap Financing Your Way To Business Success

Do you need to start or grow your business but have little money? Before you look to banks and similar sources of financing, why not bootstrap your way to business success? A bootstrap is a small loop of leather or other material that is found on the top rear or sides of a boot. The purpose of the bootstrap is to help you pull your boot on. In business, bootstrapping has come to mean helping oneself without seeking outside help. It means using your own resources to fin...

Work At Home Business Ideas

Here are some excellent businesses that you can start, operate and grow from your home. All these work at home businesses have the following desirable features: **Low Startup Costs **Ease of Entry **High Income Potential **Home Based and Operated **Worldwide Sales Potential **Residual, Recurring and/or Passive Income Potential 1. Consulting A consultant is someone expert in a field who, for a fee, advises businesses or individuals on various matters of concer...

Finding A Low Cost Invoice Factoring Solution For Your Business

Factoring may be one of the least well known and yet most used financing tools for business around. How does it work? Simply, you are given a loan backed by unpaid invoices. This allows you, as a small business, to cover payroll and other expenses while you wait for outstanding invoices to be paid. The overall process includes applying for the factoring and then you must keep track of all unpaid invoices that are from companies with established credit. So with that in mind...

What Is Company Fraud And How Do You Stop It? (Part 2 Of 2)

In the first article of this series, I defined fraud, discussed how it can occur in a company, and provided some real-life examples of when and how it has occurred in the corporate world. (To read the first article, visit inlogik.com/12530+0+free-articles.htm.) In this - the second - article, we get down to nuts and bolts; how do you minimize fraud in YOUR company? There are two main steps required to stop fraud in your company: Step 1 - identify your fraud risks; Step 2 -...

The Four Things That Will Set Up A Successful Home Business Office

Starting a home business is a big undertaking. There are key elements to properly set up a home business. If anything is forgotten or left out it could make starting the business difficult or impossible. The following are key elements that every home business owners needs to have in place before actually starting their business. The Computer System Every home business owner knows they need a computer. Most home businesses operate the majority of the time on the internet, ...

Choosing The Best Timesheet Software Package For Your Business

We've all heard about the gains in productivity and accountability that businesses can make from implementing a timesheet software system in their organization. However, with so many timesheet packages available on the market today, how do you know which package best meets your needs? The process of choosing the correct timesheet software for your business need not be as difficult as you may think.

Invoice Factoring ? What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

Are you a business owner who wants to increase monthly cash flow, working capitol, and improve your credit rating? Then invoice factoring could be right for you. Invoice factoring is the process by which businesses sell their invoices to a third party, called a ?factor.? The factor buys the invoices for about 3 to 5 percent less than the invoice is actually worth. If your business produces any type of invoice, then your business can take advantage of invoice factoring. ...

The Meeting Planner’s Online Advantage: 8 Surefire Ways To Attract 20% More Attendees

8 Ways an automated system makes it easier for attendees, giving you MORE REGISTRATIONS: 1. Provide 24 hour, anywhere access. Give prospective registrants anytime/anywhere access to your event information so that they can easily find, refer back to, and recommend your event to others. An automated system increases the ease of access, enhancing the chances of people making a decision to attend your event. 2. Auto-fill information and steer attendees to your goal. Make ...

Corporate Concierge Services Offer Significant Benefits To Property Managers, Leasing Agents,Tenants

Developing a partnership with a corporate concierge service is the 'in' thing for real estate owners and property managers. In addition to improving tenant satisfaction levels, it also provides numerous benefits such as reduced risk, better scheduling and easier accounting. This article explores the many benefits of concierge services for all those related to property management and real estate

Do You Qualify For Factoring?

I have created this article to give you straight forward content hoping to provide information into some of the things that factors are looking for when qualifying a prospect before entering into a financial relationship with them. Lets face it, your time is very valuable and you do not need to waste it filling out applications or talking on the phone when you may be able to identify issues in this article that would prohibit you from being able to enter into a factoring r...

Tips On Choosing A Factoring Company

Factoring, what is this financial tool you are looking into that will hopefully fuel your business with the capital it needs to prosper? Each person and business is different, so how do you know which factor is the right choice for your company. Some things you need to know before you choose a factor! Term Contracts! Do they require a term contract? There are pros and cons to a term contract: Some Cons: * You are not happy with the factor due to the way they s...

Atos Origin Signs A Contract With Wm Morrisons For Fuel Card Management

London, UK ' July 11th, 2006 - Atos Worldline, an Atos Origin Company, today announced that it has been awarded a five year contract by Morrisons Supermarkets to provide support and business account services for its new Business Fuel Card. It is the first card in the UK retail fuel market to be EMV compliant and Chip & PIN based. Following the successful takeover and integration of Safeway sites, Morrisons intends to substantially grow its retail fuel business and as part ...

Why Is Factoring Important In Business?

A business venture can experience cash shortage or difficulty in being liquid even if it has receivables and steady assets that are more than its payables and other liabilities. There are easy solutions to cash shortage just so a business enterprise can meet its short term obligations like payroll. Among these solutions include loans or short-term borrowing and factoring accounts. Factoring accounts can be done for accounts that are expected to be received by a company dur...

My clients won’t pay me! What now?

It happens, that's all I can say. And in order to continue freelancing and work from the comfort of your own home, you'll have to accept it. One of the biggest perks about working from home is being able to organize your time and dictate your own schedule. The biggest problem we will have'is sadly, payment

Invoice Factoring Basics

Are you looking to get business financing? Read this article to learn about factoring financing. Factoring is easy to obtain and can help many businesses.

Structure And The ADD/ADHD Entrepreneur

Managing and owning a small business can be very stimulating for the ADD adult. Many ADD entrepreneurs thrive on the fact that they can work on growing their business without all of the structure of being employed by someone else. While the structure of a 9 to 5 job might not be ideal for an ADD adult, an ADD entrepreneur should establish some structure and boundaries in order to be successful with their business opportunities and their personal lives. Here are just a couple ...

Time and Attendance Tracking in Workforce Management

Time and attendance recording is the key function in any workforce management system. The workers work for pay and payrolls are prepared on the basis of time and attendance records. Accurate time and attendance records not only save employers from losing money on excess payments but also instil employee confidence in the payroll system.

How Factoring Companies Can Help Your Business Succeed

At the root of many successful businesses is an effective cash flow structure that is able to manage accounts receivable and lending against receivables. Cash flow management is vital to the profitability of a business, because commercial enterprises must also pay bills, just like everybody else.


When starting a business, you have to determine the method you are going to use for accounting and paying taxes. The two choices are the cash method and the accrual method.

Achieving Cash Flow Management Through Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts receivable factoring is another mode of receivables management and working capital funding to eventually increase the cash flow. Accounts receivable factoring involves buying and selling of accounts receivables in order to obtain immediate cash or working capital. Accounts receivable factoring helps in acquiring cash for the product or the services rendered. It results in immediate cash inflow without creating any debt or transferring the business ownership. Acco...

A ‘Four Square’ Statement

A quick and simple way to develop a strategic plan for any written document. And while it doesn't require much actual writing, it will help you focus your attention and get a better response to your message.

Growing your VAR Business

Although competitive pressures are intense, the VAR market is highly robust and can be quite lucrative. The continuing emergence of new and replacement technologies such as Microsoft's Vista, RFID, Mobile communications, and security, makes the market poised for another round of tremendous expansion.

Guide To Small Business Factoring

Factoring is becoming a popular yet not so well known tool in the arena of small business. It is an important way of keeping cash flowing through the business when invoices are delayed or accounts receivable are higher than the money in hand. Basically factoring helps you get cash for your business without having that time delay from the time you issue an invoice. They also provide you with collection services and sales ledgers that can be helpful as well. If you are a small ...

Cash Flow – How To Collect 98% Of Business Debts In 28 Days

The most common cause of businesses failing is a lack of cash flow. Cash flow is the money coming in, compared to money going out. Your business plan will identify where, and when, your major business expenditures occur. These are unlikely times when your income is at a maximum. Businesses often run into cash flow problems because their customers delay paying their bills, or when their customers cannot pay their bills at all. Many individuals delay paying bills until...

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