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Business School: Is It Really Necessary?

School in general has become a much more expected and in my opinioned marketed thing than it was in the past. So it is no surprise that the question of the necessity of business school come up fairly regularly. What does surprise me is that people that are business minded are so easily swayed into believing that formal training in business (the quality of which I often question) is necessary to make it in the fast pace business that comes with a globalizing market and the inf...

How and Why to Start a Business Book Club

I suggest and encourage business book clubs. Maybe you would like to start one within your organization or maybe you would prefer to build one among colleagues from outside of work. Either way this article will outline the keys to help you build a successful single event or long-term club.

3 Steps To Getting Highly Motivated Prospects Or Customers

With the many ways to advertise, it is easy to sometimes be in a rush to just get something out somewhere. But, no matter where you plan to advertise, there are several basic fundamentals that will help create advertisements that are effective and profitable. Here are three that will get you headed in the right direction. 1. First on the check list is; is your unique selling position (USP) clear and provoking? You need to find out what makes your business different from...

Selecting The Right Venue For Your Next Event

We're running a conference in three months", said the CEO, "Find me a really good venue and make sure we don't break the bank". So, in around twenty words, you've been promoted (or demoted) to Event Manager. You may have little or no experience in this field and training is definitely on-the-job and it starts now! Just about everyone with space to rent is into providing a venue for all types of event. You can choose from purpose built training facilities, hotels, mansions,...

Job Applications – Identify Your Transferable Skills

If you recently left college or university and have little work experience, you may be unaware of the vast number of transferable skills you'll be bringing to the workplace. As a student, you developed many of the top skills needed to get a foothold in the job market. Discover how to highlight these skills when applying for jobs.

Reasons Why Information Is The Greatest Commodity In The World

There are so many reasons why information is the greatest commodity in the world. Information helps people. It spreads the knowledge of topics and subjects. It is the basis for every study, occupation, and hobby. The most important reason why information is the greatest commodity in the world, a reason that effectively sums up all others, is simple'everyone needs information. Who provides information? Experts, or just people who seem to know a great deal about a certain su...

A Podium is No Place for a Projector

Remember the days when presentations before an audience consisted of boring lectures told from a podium while someone clicked slides or moved transparencies? The world has changed. Both in education and business, presentations are now more visual, more interesting, more dynamic.

Meet The Students

Meet the students A strange and diverse tribe, students date back to ancient times. They're out there in their millions but tricky to track down. Find out who they are, where they hang out and the opportunities they offer: Rockus Maximus Who are they? This genus is extremely fond of Pete Doherty, The Killers and regularly reads the NME. What are they like? A bit scruffy, they went to university because they're not quite sure what they want to do in life (apart fro...

Be Famous. Host A Seminar!

Imagine hosting your own seminar. Whether you dream of hosting clients for the weekend, prospects for a few hours, or colleagues for a lunch-hour workshop, let's make this year the year you realise that dream! Planning and hosting a seminar, workshop, or other event's not nearly as hard as you might expect. And today I'd like to share with you the five secrets to a flawless event.

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