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Get Your Message Out With Quality Advertising Inflatables

A carefully selected marketing approach can work wonders for your business. It helps in creating brand awareness among customers and getting instant traffic for it. But business houses are registering a drastic fall in their market share due to stiff competition in present market condition. Marketing professionals always work towards solving this problem with easy to use effective marketing tools.

17 Important Points To Consider Before You Hire A Law Marketing Consultant

As we fast approach the new year, many firms are preparing to launch their 2006 marketing efforts. If you're thinking about hiring a marketing specialist, make sure you consider these 17 key points. 1. Objective Advice. Consultants who are paid fees are more likely to give you unbiased advice than consultants who earn commissions based on the amount of money you spend. If the consultant profits from ad agency commissions, he has an inherent conflict of interest because th...

You Dont Need Sales Training

Is there a right way to sell? Do you ever wonder why sales can be so difficult? This article reveals the truth about true sales and marketing effectiveness and gives you an inside-out strategy for polishing your sales pitch.

Sum of Its Parts

I just spent a week at the beach with my family and, as much as I vowed not to think about work, stumbled onto a highly relevant lesson for marketing professional services. It was actually my mother who inspired this lesson, thanks to the following beachy quote she had on the refrigerator:

12 Ways To Use E-learning For Customer Acquisition And Retention, Part 2

Customer Retention Uses of Web-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs) 8) Around-the-clock, 24-7 tech support. A web-based LMS used to deliver training and product support is able to provide 24-7 customer support, with courses on installation procedures and other types of important information. Top-notch customer support will therefore improve customer loyalty. 9) Map the perception of your company's product and services on your customer's mind. A web-based learning ma...

The 7 Most Common Marketing Mistakes

The seven most common marketing mistakes explores the most frequent errors marketers make when developing and executing marketing campaigns. Once you know about these common mistakes, you can avoid them and ensure marketing success.

What Are Your Career Futures with an Art Degree?

Graduates with arts degrees often feel some difficulties to determine their career goal in the initial stage. The popular art degree's myths have stopped students from choosing art degrees and force themselves to take science & technology related degrees for a brighter future. Is pursuing an art degree a waste of money and will only get you a job flipping burgers? Find your answer in this article.

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