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Who Do You Blame If They Learn Nothing At Your Seminar?

Ted, Alice, Pete and Rita are all attending the same seminar. They all expect to learn something, after all that's why they are there. Trouble is they each have very individual and different ways of learning, so this seminar had better take this into account or some of them may come away disappointed. Ted had been to events before where he could not get satisfactory answers to his questions and was disappointed that he could not get to grips with the theories that were bei...

6 Ways to Pinpoint Your Perfect Career

Have you ever felt stuck in your career? Employee stress and burn out can account for a lot of dissatisfaction in your life. After all, you are at work some 8 hours a day or more. If you feel stuck, here are 6 great ways to find your ideal career

Post Jobs Free

Human resource is an important asset for any organization. Incompetent and inefficient human resources can hamper the progress of an organization. Therefore, employers always seek to select the best talent from the job market.

Technologies of Tomorrow

Terascale Computing, Organic Computers and Carrier Ethernet Technology all these are Technologies of Tomorrow which will transform our future.

The Economies of the Middle East

On February 24, 2003, in the Islamic Financial Forum in Dubai, Brad Bourland, chief economist for the Saudi American Bank (SAMBA), breached the embarrassed silence that invariably enshrouds speakers in Middle Eastern get-togethers.

Team Building Events

Effective team building events are those that have a clearly defined goal, function as part of a greater whole and build or repair interpersonal relationships.

Increase Profits by Marketing to Existing Customers

Business owners want more leads, more customers, more sales. It sounds logical: attract more customers and more sales will follow, leading to increased profits. But is this the best way to maximize profits? Sometimes it's difficult to see the forest for the trees.

The benefits of using a marketing company

The term "marketing company" can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To further complicate things, after agreeing on what the term means you still have to find the right marketing company to suit your needs.

Making Yourself Memorable: Create A Stunning Powerpoint Presentation

Did you know that using a PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most effective ways to address a large group of people? With such a variety of learning styles, using a visual presentation allows you to reach a large group of people particularly those who need to see it to believe it. What better way than to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation? Have the data, but lacking that polished finish? A good way to start is to look at templates to get an idea of which st...

What A Wholesale Supplier Expects From You – How To Ask For Distributor Accounts

You wouldn't think of going to a job interview unprepared'you'd never get called back. Yet many eBiz owners approach wholesalers and manufacturers without any preparation at all. You need to realize it costs a manufacturer time and money to set up an account. If you seem like you won't be a profitable distributor, they'll probably turn you down. Says manufacturer Charlie Hall, owner of Charlie's Woodshop, 'I spend a lot of time helping [online retailers] get going with my pro...

Nation Branding and Place Marketing – IV. The Place

Some countries are geographically disadvantaged. Recent studies have demonstrated how being landlocked or having a tropical climate carry a hefty price tag in terms of reduced economic growth. These unfavorable circumstances can be described as "natural discounts" to a country's price.

5 Keys to Choosing Plate Roll Machines

Between diminishing factory orders and increasing labor and energy costs, companies that use plate metal in their fabricating processes are finding their profit margins increasingly pinched. Yet, manufacturers must still invest in new production equipment -- whether to replace obsolete equipment or to take advantage of new business opportunities -- in order to remain competitive.

How to Select and Implement an ERP System

ERP is a term that is widely used yet probably not well understood. It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and although it was initially targeted to manufacturing companies, today it encompasses any product that can be used across an enterprise. When implemented effectively, ERP enables companies to break down traditional organizational silos, replacing them with a tightly integrated horizontal structure in which strategy, organizational structure, process and technology are closely aligned.

The Millionaire Master Plan: A Strategic Blueprint For Success

Is there a blueprint for success? Do the people who achieve great level of success follow a very defined and specific path to attain their accomplishments? If so, the why is it so hard for others to duplicate it? These questions and more are answered in The Millionaire Master Plan ' A 6-step blueprint for achieving success in any profession. Excerpt from The Millionaire Master Plan: Professionals Get Paid, Amateurs Don't It has always baffled me that so many people...

How To Get Control Of Stagefright And Feel More Relaxed And Confident In Front Of Any Audience

Remember the last time you got up in front of others to sing, give a presentation, or just to state your opinion? Did you feel awkward or maybe even a little afraid? You might have found yourself making silly mistakes or blanking out on what you were supposed to say. Most of us suffer from stagefright at some point in our lives. In fact, the vast majority of people avoid having to get up in front of an audience. They limit themselves from much of the success they would ...

How Do Non-Profits Handle SEM? Straight Talk With The American Cancer Society

I recently had the opportunity to discuss SEO/SEM with a non-profit organization. The conversation didn't start with SEO/SEM but I got to thinking ' how does a non-profit do SEO/SEM? Having been in the industry a while I have a pretty good idea what the going rate is for professional SEM and I find it hard to believe that a non-profit firm would invest in it, knowing that in some cases it's hard to measure. What you are about to read is an interview with the Director of...

Team Building Event

An effective team building event is one that includes open communication, promotes active interaction and interdependence, presents a challenge that requires a concerted effort, provides learning experiences, and illustrates cohesion and cooperation.

What’s the Game Plan?

Browse through any management book these days and you'll be amazed at the number of concepts that have appeared in the last decade: SWOT analysis, business process re-engineering, CRM, competitive advantage, analysis tools, fix-it tools and measuring tools.


In a series of referenda in 2003-5, Swiss citizens transformed their country forever, economically aligning it with the European Union and opening it up to work migration. It was an uncharacteristic response to increasingly worrisome times.

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