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Printing Paper Essentials

Paper may be one of the largest consumable costs in a business sheet. This is because paper is one of the most used materials in business. Documents, receipts, accounting sheets and more ' name it. They are made of no less than paper.

Five Customer Service Points for a Credentialing Service

A credentialing verification organization with good customer service responds quickly to questions; has trained staff that is assigned to a particular client; can streamline the credentialing process; has good technology resources; and offers extra support, such as internal audits and tracking license renewals.

The Next Revolution in the Accounting Industry

The next revolution in the accounting industry, after the advent of computers and software, has some strange characteristics. This revolution could kill quite a few accounting practices while create fortunes for those that survive. Many accountants are quite unaware of this coming revolution while they alert ones are taking advantage of it and running ahead with it. Very soon they will be way ahead and out of reach for others to catch on.

Paperless Office – With Multiple Monitors

Paperless Offices can avoid a major inconvenience caused by having to switch between multiple screens when having to refer to previously filed documents. Sometimes in such situations users end up printing an electronically filed document every time they need to refer to it thus causing a document to be printed several times in a paperless environment as opposed to once in a paper environment. With multiple monitors attached to one computer that inconvenience can be removed.

Paperless Office for CPA for under $1,000

CPAs can convert their practice into a Paperless Office within $1,000 as they already have, without being aware themselves, most of the hardware they need to go paperless. It is a strange phenomenon that they have almost all the technology needed and yet they keep delaying the process of going paperless. The missing element is not available with hardware and software vendors, it is also within their office.

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