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Advantages of Writing e-Books

Writing e-books can be a more cost effective means to promote your work while being environmentally friendly in the process. If you are meaning to make a name for yourself as a writer, then perhaps writing e-books is something you might like to try.

Reducing Legal Malpractice Exposure

Many legal malpractice claims share common allegations/themes that can be avoided if law firms have the proper risk management measures in place. Implementation and maintained use of some very rudimentary systems and procedures can reduce the likelihood of being sued, or in the event you are sued, can bolster your defense. Below are some basic tips law firms can utilize to help reduce their legal malpractice exposure.

Atos Origin Signs A Contract With Wm Morrisons For Fuel Card Management

London, UK ' July 11th, 2006 - Atos Worldline, an Atos Origin Company, today announced that it has been awarded a five year contract by Morrisons Supermarkets to provide support and business account services for its new Business Fuel Card. It is the first card in the UK retail fuel market to be EMV compliant and Chip & PIN based. Following the successful takeover and integration of Safeway sites, Morrisons intends to substantially grow its retail fuel business and as part ...

How to Select and Implement an ERP System

ERP is a term that is widely used yet probably not well understood. It stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and although it was initially targeted to manufacturing companies, today it encompasses any product that can be used across an enterprise. When implemented effectively, ERP enables companies to break down traditional organizational silos, replacing them with a tightly integrated horizontal structure in which strategy, organizational structure, process and technology are closely aligned.

The Basics Of Project Management

Any project can only be successful if the people behind the project implements proper project management skills or hire a reputable and dependable project management group. Project management may sound like a complicated term and it really is as it involves the process of organizing the different factors involved in creating and completing a project. All projects should start out with a good plan so that the project creator would know the things required for the project...

Project Planning: A Step by Step Guide

Often project planning is ignored in favour of getting on with the work. However, many people fail to realise the value of a project plan in saving time, money and many problems. This article looks at the steps for creating a simple plan at the beginning of a project.

Project Management Success with the Top 7 Best Practices

Whether planning your wedding, developing a new website or building your dream house by the sea you need to employ project management techniques to help you succeed. This article summarises 7 key project management best practices to help you achieve project success.

Six Sigma ‘ Not Just For Manufacturing

Although the Six Sigma methodology originally started out as a way to improve processes and products in a manufacturing environment, today it has grown to encompass a broad range of industries. As companies begin to realize the benefits a total quality improvement cycle can have upon the organization they are adopting Six Sigma and its practices into their own fold. Organizations not only receive the quality benefit of Six Sigma in their products and processes, but also si...

Managing small projects

Project management best practices can easily be applied on small projects to enable you to plan and manage your project successfully.

Networking: The Core Of Your Career

It's a smart career move to always be networking, no matter what's going on for you professionally. If you don't need help at this time, build-up your networking power by helping others.

Engage Your Customer ? Write About Benefits

Think quick. In 10 seconds, can you list the 5 key benefits you offer your customers? I bet you said ?Yes?. But are you sure you listed benefits? If you?ll bear with me for another 10 seconds, I?d like to test out a theory on you.

Third-Party Hardware Maintenance vs Manufacturer

When purchasing computer hardware for your business, system availability is a major consideration. While you hope it will remain reliable, you need to manage the risk that at some time a critical system component will fail, calling for hardware maintenance. Such failures often result in the system being unavailable to users until repaired. This 'system down-time' can be very costly when users sit idle and unproductive. Many assume that the standard manufacturer's warran...

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