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Objective Analysis of Passport to Wealth Market Strategy Amid Criticism from Competitors and what it means for the home based business

The home based business internet marketing opportunity niche is being led now by the emergence of Passport to Wealth, a company that has seemingly come from nowhere to offer customers quality value and new business owners a quality vehicle. While rising to international media spotlight has not been all glamour and glitz for the company founded by CEO Darren Gaudry, who became a millionaire at the age of 27 using internet marketing as the catalyst for his wealth accumulation, Passport to Wealth offers objective analysts valuable food for marketing tips thought when it comes to customer appreciation, new member accumulation and media adoration which are 3 key elements for this niche. Competitors beware, the smart thing is to join them.

The Search For A Mentor

There are many so called "gurus" on the net that are offering their advice to you concerning internet marketing. The net is packed with experts and they all want you to join their list. Most of them just want to sell you something and you never learn anything. How do I know this? Because I have fallen victim to the promises of these experts and joined almost all their lists. So I have come up with a checklist to consider when attempting to choose a mentor. 1. Is he/s...

How A Ghost With A Blue Ball Can Boost Online Marketing

What does online marketing have to do with a ghost? Plenty. Read this and you will see why. The memory still unsettles me whenever I think back to that night. The experience taught me that to write about a product, you have to see it at work. You will see how this can help you, also. But first, here is what happened that night. It was November - almost 3 years ago. My friend and client, Guido, asked me to write a sales letter and a couple of ads for him. He ran a ghost ...

Top Tips To Create a Persuasive Sales Letter For Your Business

How to create a good sales letter that sells your product if you are beginning to contemplate creating a product or ebook, or even a sales letter to pre-sell your affiliated program. You will need a quality sales letter to outpull the competition. Here I've including a step by step blueprint that you can follow.

How To Avoid Conflict With Partner While Working From Home?

Conflict with Partner is one of the major obstacles facing business owners both men and women. Business owners tend to spend countless hours to get their business off the ground and start making profits. Having an angry partner will only cause more anxiety, stress and leave them with an additional obstacle to overcome.

Put a Mini Salesman in Every Clients Pocket

When was the last time you took a long critical look at your business card? I'd bet you haven't really thought about it since you initially got them printed. Let's stop for just a moment and ask, what is the point of your business card? Is it to simply fill the wallets of prospective clients, or is it something that should be driving more sales to your business?

Become A Super Affiliate With Clickbank

Clickbank is an ideal place to start. Here, you can find one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the industry. You just need to visit their site, http://www.clickbank.com and secure a clickbank ID. From the Clickbank's home page, proceed to earn commissions and look for the products and services that perfectly fit you and your site. These products are typically ranked according to their popularity.

White Space, Profit Space ‘

This is a fascinating principle about optimising your white space ' and you can take that as metaphorical or as practical as you like. The other day, I was having dinner at a roadside caf' and I noticed that the little sugar bags that came with my coffee had ADVERTISEMENTS on them. That's your classic use of 'white space'. So, you make sugar in little paper bags, millions of them, and your company logo is on the front ' and the back of it is EMPTY. These little sugar...

The Doorknob-Easy, Pushbutton-Simple Way To Get Testimonials

How many times have you sat down at the computer to write a sales letter or an article and just piddled and hem-hawed around in front of a blank word document trying come up with something to write, or waiting to get into the mood? To get started and to make the task easier did you type out an outline - and then didn't it become quite a bit easier to fill in the article or finish out the letter? Imagine what it's like for your customer to sit down and try to come up wit...

7 Key Strategies to Earn Customer Loyalty

The key of your business success is building customer loyalty. Holding on to existing customers is as important as soliciting new customers to keep feeding your list with fresh subscribers. Customer loyalty is the key to your business growth and profit. Because loyal customers generate a continual revenue stream through repeat purchases, they bring your business-increased profitability at a lower cost.

The Network Marketing High Income Formula

Embracing the qualities of leadership, innovation, and commitment is paramount to your success in network marketing and life. Mega income earners in the network marketing industry know that there is no substitute for these qualities, and over time, they have proven to be the key to unlocking unlimited wealth.

Book Marketing 101

The most common mistake people make when self publishing their books is to ignore marketing until it is too late.

How To Create More Value By Giving Less Content

In this article I want to show you the exact reason why providing less content can prove to be better at building value for your readers than providing more content. First, let me ask you some rhetorical questions... Is an ebook that's 308 pages better than an ebook that's 102 pages? Is an audio file that's 327 minutes long better than an audio file that's 125 minutes long? Is a cheesecake that's three layers better than a cheesecake that's two layers? What do you th...

Dear New Affiliate, Be Picky When Choosing Affiliate Programs

Question: How do you choose an affiliate program to promote? There are so many out there. Which ones are good? Dear New Affiliate, There are several ways to determine whether an affiliate program is worthy. Oftentimes it looks like the Affiliate Manager has all the power, but this is a partnership. There really are thousands of programs available. Dont sign up and promote just any of them. If you arent completely thrilled about the program, look 5 more minutes and you...

Top Tips To Create A Persuasive Sales Letter

How to create a good sales letter that sells your product if you are beginning to contemplate creating a product or ebook, or even a sales letter to pre-sell your affiliated program. You will need a quality sales letter to outpull the competition. Here I've including a step by step blueprint that you can follow. 1.Create Hope Tons of people out there are looking for "hope" every day. People buys diet ebooks are hoping that they will be as slimming as the super models o...

Branding ‘ the myths and the realities

Branding is most often considered as something to do with visual appeal. However it is much more than that. Branding your corporate identity in your products and services is actually a promise made to the customer, a promise that is based on your company's reputation, the quality of your product, product experiences and so on. This article explores how a brand conveys its promise and how your product/service itself denotes the promotional mix it needs.

Know Your Private Label Rights Rights

People who use Private Label Rights content are delighted to see more PLR sites appearing. The explosion of such sites has, however, given rise to a new problem - the overall quality of the articles users pay for. Good (and reliable) writers are snapped up fast and given ongoing work. Regrettably, some PLR site owners seem to be only concerned with getting a batch of articles uploaded no matter what the quality. Competition, as we all know, is a good thing. Quite a number...

How To Write A Great Sales Letter–When You Hate To Write

I can sit here all day giving you tips and hints on headlines and phrases that sell. But none of it will do you any good if you just plain hate sitting down at the keyboard. If you can't stand writing, you're in good company. Most of us feel the same. I once asked a high school English teacher how many of her 300 students liked to write. "Oh, about 9 of them," she said. Everyone from Mark Twain to Bart Simpson has faced a blank sheet of paper for hours with no idea of w...

Using Audio In Your Direct Sales Business

If you've been around the Internet for more than a week or so you know that everything is hopping and moving fast and that using audio, webcasting and podcasting are where it's at. Most direct sales representatives are content building their business using the traditional means and supporting their downline with phone calls and emails. But, let me tell you, if you're not exploring the use of audio with your direct sales business you're missing out not only on profits, but ...

Home Business that Works ‘ for dummies and experts

Are you still looking for that great home business opportunity? You probably are since you are reading this article. I have to warn you ' years may pass and you'll still be looking. Read on and learn from my personal journey from mistakes to success...

Why You Should Outsource Your Business Writing Projects

Just because you are not a writer, it doesn't mean that your business has to suffer. Instead of pulling out hairs over that business manual or press release you could outsource your project to a writing professional. What is outsourcing? Outsourcing or contracting is when you obtain a company or individual (outside of your organization) to complete a task or series of tasks. Why should you outsource your writing projects? 1. You want great results ' Writing grea...

Increase Sales With These Innovative Tips

1. Show your prospects how much enthusiasm you have for your product and business. If you're convincing enough, they will be enthusiastic too. 2. End your sales letter or ad copy with a strong closing. It could be a free bonus, a discount price, a benefit reminder, an ordering deadline, etc. 3. Please your complaining customers. You can refund their money, give them a discount, give them a free gift, solve the problem quickly, etc. 4. Make your customers get excited ...

How to Develop a Marketing Plan

If you're planning to do any type of marketing, you need to start with a basic marketing plan. Follow these steps for creating a simply, yet highly effective marketing plan that can drive results for your business.

7 Keys In Getting Your Prospects To Act

Today I would like to look at the matter of persuasion. How do you get your prospects to take action? I remember as a door-to-door salesman, my instructor often said that you must understand 'why people buy'. It has a certain ring to it doesn't it? If you know why people buy then you can gear your ads towards these 'psychological buttons'. Before I go any further, I would just like to mention that this is in no way 'manipulation'. It's just common sense that you don't a...

Engage Your Customer ? Write About Benefits

Think quick. In 10 seconds, can you list the 5 key benefits you offer your customers? I bet you said ?Yes?. But are you sure you listed benefits? If you?ll bear with me for another 10 seconds, I?d like to test out a theory on you.

Your Template For A Winning Sales Letter

Writing a winning Sales letter is one of the ways to sell a product/ebook/software on the Internet. Not everyone feels up to writing such a sales letter. So we either struggle to do so, or hire a copy-writer to do it, or buy copy-writing software. Winning letters are ones which follow a system.

How to Get Started Reselling for Fun and More Importantly Profit

Reselling is at the base of our entire sales economy. Think about that for a moment. How many people do you know that actually sell products made by their own hands? In most cases, you purchase your products from someone who has bought them from someone else with the intent of reselling them for a profit. In the world of online marketing, though, resale and reseller rights take on a special meaning and its one that can make you a healthy living.

Is Your Understanding Of Network Marketing Outdated?

I knew things in our industry had changed, but I didn't realize just HOW MUCH they had changed until recently. Now we all know nothing stays the same, and progress is always welcome in Network Marketing, but I don't think many of us are truly aware of the vast differences we've seen technology bring in just the past few years. Ten years ago--even five years ago--a successful couple or individual working in Networking limited themselves to a single program. Why? Because wor...

Be a Rich Jerk!

A few days ago, I heard about this fellow who had sold a web site and business on eBay for a fabulous sum of money. He calls himself the Rich Jerk.

Breaking Business Plans Down to Smaller Steps

Most of us know what a business plan is. We know that it includes product information, marketing strategies, financing, facilities and a customer profile. Yet how many of us know that the comprehensive report is just a piece of paper without the commitment of the owner? That's right it is 'garbage' without strong psychological traits that help to adhere to the plan. A business plan changes depending on the personality strengths of the owner.

No Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Many small businesses are run from people's home computers and fall under the radar of business statistics. Whether you are working for a multi-level marketing company or selling painted bird houses the difficulty of advertising your products without a budget is overwhelming. Let us face the fact that $20 a month spent on classified advertisement isn't going to bring in a flood of visitors. A home-based business cannot compete with their larger counterparts. That is why in many cases owners are expected to tap into their personal relationships to make sales.

Did you know that it’s ok to have and make money?

As some of you will know, I write a weekly e-mail which I call my ?Weekly update and business tips?. However, I recently realised that some of you may not have read my ?best? weekly bulletins (being modest as always), so over the next few weeks I?ll be publishing the very best online home-based business messages and tips to the web.

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