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Business Plans And Marketing Schemes

The corporate community makes use of different terms in talking about business planning - business strategy, sales planning, marketing strategy, business plans, and marketing schemes. But as different as these terms sound or spell, they cover same principles -- how to improve sales and getting the company "out there". Efficient business plans and marketing schemes need to be strong, cost-effective, and most of all, realistic. As such, an efficient business plan considers seve...

Why Predict The Future?

Do you ever try to predict the future? Are you usually right, or wrong? If so, then read on. Can you predict the future of your industry? Can you predict the future of your business? No one can say with certainty what will happen next week much less one year from now. And five years? Not a chance. Yogi Berra reportedly said, "It's hard to make predictions, especially about the future." Everyone agrees. Predicting the future is hard. It is so hard that a fifty percen...

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