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Why You Need A Web CV

In this age of technology a CV put together on an old typewriter and sent 'snail mail' is not enough. A Web CV is simply a copy of your CV produced on a web page that can be accessed via the Internet rather than held on your PC at home. It is an ideal addition to your job hunting toolkit if you intend to spend any time away from your PC.

How to Manage Your Marketing Mix

Here's the deal: advertisement is not marketing. It's like saying you want to have a garden, but you're only willing to plant the flowers. Forget about watering, fertilizer, good soil, weeding and sunshine. You don't need them, right?

Trying To Win New Business? Don’t Fall At The First Hurdle

Getting through pre-qualification is sometimes a difficult and tedious task. However, it is often a 'necessary evil' in order to be considered for larger projects. Companies or individuals see this as a way of ensuring that any perspective consultants are both serious, professional and above all, qualified for the task at hand. What is pre-qualification? Pre-Qualification us generally a series of test to ensure that suppliers meet a minimum set of standards. Quite frequent...

Why Sales Training Fails

Sales organisations of all types spend a huge amount on training their sales people each year. Research shows, however, that most training has little impact in the long term. Here we look at what needs to be done to make sure training works - and the new generation of training approaches. If youve ever wondered why your sales teams struggle to consistently achieve sales targets despite investment in sales training, development and management, youre not alone....

Ebay the world just a mouse click away.

You've been buying on eBay for a while and naturally, your thoughts turn to selling your own items. Yet, you're not quite sure where to start. First, you will need to sign up as a seller and provide all the information asked for and a credit card number. Once that is complete, you're ready to begin listing your items. Below, I've outline ten tips that will help make your auctions a success and reap you better profits from your sales.

How Gratitude Works

Want to know what the highest-impact, lowest-cost tool is in your marketing toolkit? First, here are ten reasons to start using this tool right away:

10 myths about entering international markets

Here are 10 misconceptions by companies about entering overseas markets. 1 If we make a better mousetrap, they will buy it. The question here is, do you think that factor alone is the necessary and sufficient condition to sell overseas? If it was always about quality, then why doesn't everyone always buy the best product? 2 English is the universal language, so we can simply sell in English. This speaks to several issues: Does everyone in the client organization speak, r

Get It In On Time – Proposal Production

Writing a proposal involves a lot more than just simply putting the words together'you have to make sure that your proposal document looks professional and that it gets to the client on time. You could have the best proposal in the world, but if it's submitted after the deadline it is extremely likely that it won't even be considered ' especially in public sector procurement. So what's involved in producing a proposal? It's just a question of printing it out and sending it...

Poor Performance Reward And Recognition

The most effective tool in a manager's toolkit for dealing with poor performance is coaching. Not screaming at them from the stands and withholding rewards but working with them down on the pitch to find out what's causing the problem and building their fitness and stamina like the corporate athletes they should be. The study of how we interact with one another in society is called Transactional Analysis. This research has broken down the complexities of the hundreds of in...

The Voice of Customer Service

Customer service is about more than mouthing the words customers want to hear in a manner so as to convey our inflection. It is important to understand where in a sentence we put the emphasis. Using a pleasant tone, effective intonation, and empathic emotion our voice can go a long way toward helping customers feel heard, valued and cared for.

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