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How to Name Your Website

In the past, during the planning stage of a business people would spend long hours thinking about where to set up their business. They would wonder about what old house to buy to turn into the shop. Or was it near enough foot traffic to sustain a business? Nowadays, with setting up a business online things are a lot quicker and easier but we still have the issue of location, only it has changed.

Business Growth Requires Individual Effectiveness

When we read about business growth in the top business periodicals, they always refer to the multi-national corporations. I'm not a large corporation. I'm not even incorporated. But for the purpose of this discussion, think of your business as a corporation. You hold the office of president of this corporation, and you're responsible for its success or failure. You and the members of your team are stockholders in your corporation, and it's your responsibility to see that ...

How To Check If Your Home Business Is Legal?

If you're going to start running a business from your home, there are various laws you need to know about. If you don't check things out before you start, then you risk having your business shut down by the authorities. Zoning Laws. The chances are that the different parts of your town or city have been split into different 'zones'. Each one of these zones has a purpose: business or residential. Since you almost certainly live in a residential area, zoning laws restrict...

The #1 Secret To Selling Any Product Or Program

There is one simple secret that every top business man, internet marketer, affiliate marketer, and sales person knows. Want to know what it is? Effective ad copy can sell anything! Ok, simple enough, "but how do you write an effective ad copy" is what you may be asking now. It is much easier than you think. Fact is even the best copy writers in the world follow a very basic principle followed by a very basic ad set up. You are about to learn about both. Have yo...

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