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Be a great internet presenter

Introduction to the skills for successful public presentations, whether socially or as a way of earning a living. The importance of presentations even in the age of internet marketing. Challenge to home based business owners to make more public speeches. Importance of speaking well at webinars and conference calls.

Could Loss Mitigation Be The Career For You?

In the past couple of years foreclosures have become a hot issue within the real estate market and are definitely a business opportunity worth considering. Even with the growing numbers of foreclosures on the market today, there are really only two areas where a business opportunity exists. This is the perfect time for Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers and Real Estate Appraisers to transition into a loss mitigation business.

Webinars: Time Rich and Money Smart

What comes to mind when you think, 'seminar?' Suits, ties, high heels, Hotels, fine dining, travel... the list goes on. Seminars add up to a lot of money and time- something many Americans are becoming less willing to part with.

WEBconference integrated with CRM

According to the Forrester consulting firm, the WEBconference market has had a 28% annual increase in the last 5 years and this progression should continue until 2011, going from 700 million to 2,8 billions a year. Better known for its applications on the public WEBinar, the eMeeting applications should experience in themselves the strongest increase.

The Many Benefits of Video Conferencing

Almost everyone is familiar with video conferencing today, and for good reason. Video conferencing is convenient. Video conferencing saves money. Video conferencing makes money. And it is so much easier than it used to be.

Best practices for eCRM

The Customer Relationship Management is first of all and before anything else, a business strategy technologically supported and not the other war around. It consists on identifying the value of the clients, to keep them, develop them and get new ones. In this perspective, the prospecting of acquiring new clients begins with WEBinar while sales in itself, especially the presentation to prospects, is done in eSales.


Discover some solid guidelines to evaluate homebased online businesses before you choose a program. Find out how to cut through the hype and make an inforned decision.

WEBconference reduces global warming

By eliminating back-and-forth travel to meetings, WEBconferences reduce the gas emissions that produce the greenhouse effect that in turn causes global warming. They also reduce many of the inconveniences of traveling: driving-related stress, speeding, being late, wait times, and the overall loss of time and money.

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